Month: December 2020

‘Historic Transformation’ Looms for U.S. Coal

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Suzanne Goldenberg for The Guardian:With Don Blankenship headed to prison, the entire US coal industry appears headed for a historic transformation – forced mainly by cheap natural gas produced by fracking.The US energy information administration last month released estimates showing coal production declining across the country by 29% in the first 10 weeks of 2016 compared with the same period last year.The agency said it anticipates natural gas will overtake coal as the country’s biggest source of electricity this year – a projection that is expected to result in hundreds more layoffs in the coming months.On the same day, Arch Coal announced it would stop pursuing the Otter Creek project in Montana, which would have been one of the biggest surface mines in the country, blaming capital costs and weakness in the coal markets.The Obama administration has also squeezed off prospects for future coal projects, overhauling the system of fossil fuel leases on public lands. In his final State of the Union address, Obama said he would push for changes to the leasing of public lands for oil, coal and gas leases at cut-rate prices, saying: “Rather than subsidize the past, we should invest in the future.”Meanwhile, the US coal industry’s efforts to find new markets in Asia and Europe have run into troubles. China is moving away from coal, and it is getting harder to get coal to the other big potential market in India. On 1 April, the company behind the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal suspended the $700m project until the courts can rule on a challenge from the Lummi tribe.Full article: The death of US coal: industry on a steep decline as cheap natural gas rises ‘Historic Transformation’ Looms for U.S. Coallast_img read more

Kentucky Power Company Seeks a Buyer for Coal Overstock

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享S&P Global Market Intelligence:In a sign that some areas of the U.S. thermal coal market could still be flooded with coal, a power generator in West Virginia wants to sell its own excess supply to deal with a growing stockpile and a long-term contract with a nearby mine.Kentucky Power Co., a subsidiary of American Electric Power Co. Inc., asked the Kentucky Public Service Commission to allow the company to sell up to 200,000 tons of high-sulfur Northern Appalachia coal to unaffiliated third parties due to lower demand for power from the company’s 1,560-MW Mitchell (WV) generating station. The 200,000 tons scheduled for 2018 delivery is the Kentucky subsidiary’s share of the 400,000 tons to be sold by AEP, which also has a West Virginia subsidiary that owns part of the plant.S&P Global Market Intelligence data shows that Mitchell, which saw its first unit go into service in 1971, operated at about a 56.1% capacity factor in 2016. A recent analysis showed that as the U.S. coal fleet has contracted, many of the remaining plants were also used less. Meanwhile, relatively high levels of utility stockpiles of coal in recent months have limited room to negotiate higher coal prices. Some coal executives have predicted interyear buying could become more normal as long-sought, stable, long-term advance contracts become harder to obtain.Kentucky Power’s target level for Northern Appalachia coal is a 15 full burn-day supply, but the company’s inventory in mid-November 2017 was at 50 days of burn. With anticipation that the inventory situation is likely to stay substantially above targets in 2018 and possibly into 2019, the company wants to capitalize on independent coal brokers who occasionally approach the company to purchase coal for third parties.More ($): W.Va. power plant amassed too much coal, wants permission to sell it Kentucky Power Company Seeks a Buyer for Coal Overstocklast_img read more

Wood Mackenzie retains positive outlook on U.S. solar market

first_imgWood Mackenzie retains positive outlook on U.S. solar market FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享PV Magazine:WoodMac’s U.S. Solar Market Update webinar took a look back at the record PV installation results for 2019 — those long-ago simpler times — and looked ahead to 2020’s new solar landscape.Colin Smith, senior analyst at the fossil fuel and renewables research firm, gave some reasons to be cheerful. He said, ‘Even going into a pandemic, the market is well-positioned.”When the U.S. makes it through this episode, there’s still 30.4 GW of new solar contracted. This is voluntary procurement driven by price, rather than mandate. Solar growth is driven by merchant projects in ERCOT with no off-take agreement — just selling into the power markets. And it’s driven by corporate procurement. These conditions are in place now and will be in place as we recover.Smith noted that “Economic competitiveness is still the primary driver” for solar, and that states without an RPS “are still seeing gigawatts come into play.”Despite the collapse of the economy and our species’ immune systems, Smith expects 2020 to beat 2016 as the biggest year for utility solar on record. He said that even with a 26% shortfall from their forecast, “2020 would be the biggest year for utility solar.”Smith parsed the risks to utility projects into port shutdowns, component shortages, travel delays and site shutdowns. Best-case scenarios found delays of a few weeks. Worst-case scenarios envision delays of 2 to 3 months.[Eric Wesoff]More: Reasons to be cheerful: U.S. utility solar pipeline is ‘stronger than ever’last_img read more

Facebook signs contracts for 806MW of new renewable energy in U.S., Ireland

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享PV Magazine:Facebook has signed contracts to buy 806 MW of solar and wind power from projects across Utah, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee and Ireland. All of the contracts will support its goal of becoming 100% powered by renewables by the end of this year.The projects are geographically diverse and span a wide range of developers. Facebook signed the contracts with Brookfield Renewable Partners, D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments, and Apex Clean Energy.To date, Facebook has secured deals for more than 5 GW of renewables, with 2 GW currently operational. It expects another 1.5 GW of wind and solar power to come online by the end of this year.Facebook has invested in a number of notable solar projects across the United States. In New Mexico, it has 100 MW spread across two projects to feed the Los Lunas data center. It has also partnered with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on two solar projects, totaling 377 MW, to support its data center in Huntsville, Alabama.In November, Facebook announced two of the largest solar projects that it has taken on to date – the 300 MW Prospero Solar project in Andrews County, Texas, and the 122 MW Cove Mountain 2 solar project in Iron County, Utah. Both projects are expected to be completed this year. Facebook will also get power from what will be one of the largest solar projects in Texas, the 497 MW Roadrunner solar project, located in Upton County.[Tim Sylvia]More: Facebook announces nearly 1 GW of new energy deals Facebook signs contracts for 806MW of new renewable energy in U.S., Irelandlast_img read more

Switchback Results: Judging Lance and the Gauley.

first_imgIllustration by Wade MickleyLance Armstrong: Cheater or Champion?Cheater: 32%Actually, he’s a champion cheater. Most of the other podium finishers have since been found to have been doping; he beat them; he had to be doping, too. He just happens to be the best of the dopers. It sure would have been nice to have seen a straight  Tour to see if he really was the best. —Scott Sheer, Lexington, S.CI thought he was a champion for a long time but hits just keep on coming. In the early 2000s, the French thought he was a cheater but still a champion because everyone else was cheating as well. I think that will be the final verdict…both. —K. Fields, Simpsonville, S.C. They are all a bunch of dopes. There always has been and always will be doping in the Tour unless you ban the use of any and all supplements. As soon as a test comes out for one substance, another supplement comes out that can’t be tested. Lance didn’t win all of those times because he was doping. Everyone else was doping too. —Jeremy, Stow, Mass. Champion: 58%He’s the most tested athlete in sports history, and it’s never been proven that he has cheated. Champion. —Scott, Charlotte, N.C.It will be a sad day if they ever prove Lance cheated. For now, I say champion, because my heart wants that to be true. My head suspects that someday cheater will takes its place. —Joy Scruggs, Waterloo, OntarioIs any whitewater river better than the Gauley?Yes: 35%The Gauley is amazing, but we’re only able to enjoy the dam-released river for a small amount of time every fall. I prefer the Chattooga, because I can get an equally epic class V experience on rapids like Five Falls and Sock-em-Dog. The setting of the Chattooga is a little more wild and secluded, and I’m able to paddle in the spring—my favorite time to hit the water. —Alison Shaw, via e-mailMaybe it’s the best in the East, but I did a multi-day trip on the Salmon River in Idaho and it was a high point of my life. —Chuck A., Knoxville, Tenn.  No:  65%The Gauley combines big water, great scenery, ease of access, and affordability, as far as whitewater goes. I have rafted the Gauley for a number of years, along with a number of other rivers in North America. Doesn’t get any better. Did I mention how friendly West Virginians are, too? —Mark Wenger, Charlottesville, Va. 1 2last_img read more

Race Ahead: The Baltimore Outward Bound Trail Challenge Sept. 13

first_imgExperience the thrill of a 5K trail race right inside the Baltimore Beltway.Head over to Baltimore, Maryland, Sept. 13, 2014, for the Grit Up & Run Outward Bound Trail Challenge 5K trail run.The Outward Bound Baltimore Campus is located just off I-70 near Security Blvd. The course includes mixed terrain with technical dirt trail, a boardwalk trail through the wetlands, and several bridges crossing over the Dead Run stream as well as some pavement.sponsored-eventAlong the course runners will be treated to “Nature Art” created by community members and a variety of wildlife in this beautiful section of the city. All levels and experience of runners are welcome. On the course runners will be serviced by two water spots and following the race, runners will have access to post race snacks, bottled water, and fruit.The post-race party will include live music and entertainment, as well as interactive games and the soon-to-be-world-famous Outward Bound climbing wall. All participants will receive Sport Tek race shirts in gender specific sizing, Sm-XXL. These performance shirts are from the Competitor line and guarantee to keep you cool and dry throughout your training for next year’s Outward Bound trail race!Proceeds from this race will go to the Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School, whose mission it is to change lives through challenge and discovery. Your registration and participation in this trail run will help us continue to achieve that goal.Registration is in the final days at $45. Official address is 1900 Eagle Drive, Leakin Park, Baltimore. Race starts at 8 a.m.last_img read more

Instagram Takeover | Dillon Senn

first_imgThis month’s Instagram Takeover features South Carolina-based photographer Dillon Senn. Like most of the photographers who have taken over our account in previous months, Dillon was guided to the art of photography by his love for the outdoors, particularly the Blue Ridge Mountains of North and South Carolina.Check out Dillon’s work below and find out about his go-to spots in the Blue Ridge with our short Q & A. Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @dead_head93 to stay up to date with his most recent adventures.DS4 “Whenever I need to get away and find serenity I can always count on finding it in the Linville Gorge. I can relax under the stars and clouds in the Chimneys enjoying the massive views and cliffs from my weekend home. Spending all the time I need to reflect past and present without seeing a soul.”DS1 “Watching the dense clouds rise from the valley 3,000′ below from Cesar’s Head as they dance around Table Rock and the Blue Ridges.”DS3 “A brisk cold evening chasing the days last light across the Roan Highlands from Grassy Ridge Bald. It’s views like this that feed the soul!”DS2 “Only accessible by kayak or boat, the 200 foot tall Sol’s Creek Falls will leave you speechless with it’s raw power, sheer cliffs, and the lush meadows that surround the base.” DS5“Woke up atop Grassy Ridge Bald to my pup collecting sticks to stoke the fire and with the feeling of a new high… 6,165′ that is! It’s hard to beat a crisp morning sunrise on Roan Mountain!”[divider]Q & A with Dillon[/divider]BRO: How did you get into photography?DS: I would always solo hike with my dog for the first year and a half that I really began exploring the mountains. My girlfriend used to work weekends, so I would document the incredible places I went with my phone to show her so that I could take her when she was able to get a day off. I’ve upgraded to a professional camera a while back, and it’s taken off ever since.BRO: How long have you been shooting?DS:  I’ve been into photography for about a year and half. Ever since the first time I picked up a camera it’s been my passion to capture all the beauty that surrounds me. I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.BRO: If you could only choose one area in this region to hike, explore, and photograph for the rest of your life what would it be?DS: If I had to choose one area to explore and shoot in it would have to be the Linville Gorge. Each mountain is extremely diverse from their look all the way to the feeling you get as you hike each one. The Gorge and the Linville River hold a ton of magic and well kept secrets within its cliffs. You can begin a day at the summit of a mountain and end it chasing waterfalls and trout down at the mighty river. The Gorge is what sparked my passion for exploring, and it will always hold a piece of my heart.BRO: Favorite musician from the Southeast/Mid-Atlantic?DS:  I’ve always said that good music is food for the soul! One band I’ve been really hyped on lately out of the Southeast is Seven Handle Circus. I grew up playing with some of these guys and it’s incredible to see where the road has taken them.BRO: One piece of gear (minus your camera) you wouldn’t head into the woods without?DS: One thing I couldn’t do without hands down would be my Nemo Tent. I recently upgraded to the Nemo Hornet Tent and the difference it makes is unbelievable! I would live out of it if I could. The weight and durability matched with the design makes it heaven in a stuff sack! read more

Trail Dog Reviews: Jack explores Greensboro Watershed Trails

first_imgSorry, I was daydreaming about puppuccinos. We started the race at Bur Mil Park which has great parking and restrooms for my pawrents. So sad they can’t just pee on a bush like me. We take off and hit Owl’s Roost Trail first. You know what the weather had been like all of February and early March with rain? It made this trail muddy. We stick to the inside fire lanes of the trail instead of skirting the lake. It is a rolling trail and coming back at the end of the race is going be tough here with all the mud. Flea and tick preventative is a must!  There is lyme disease and many other other tick diseases out there.  Fleas are present out there and they too carry nasty diseases, remember the plague came from those nasty buggers! There are a couple of reasons why these trails are great for me… Running races with your dog~ ALWAYS ASK the Race director!! Most races that do allow your dog require you to be on a short leash so you don’t impede other runners.  You will need to have a poop bag ready in case nature calls while you are running. So we ran a trail marathon on these trails in March. Yes, my pawrents asked and were given the okay by the race director to let me run. I don’t like races because of having to wait around too much at the start. I just want to go. Some days I have a little trouble getting moving I am 10 years old.  For those days, my pawrent gives me an Adequan injection. It is an injectable Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan, that I get from time to time for a joint supplement.   After Owl’s Roost, there is short stretch on the paved greenway and then we hit Nat Greene Trail. This trail skirts Lake Brandt and ends at the marina. Then we cross onto Laurel Bluff Trail. I think this is one of the prettiest trails in the system. It has great wooded areas as it follows the creek and then gives way to the Lake Townsend. There is usually lots of birds on this trail. The Peninsula Trail is pretty cool too, there are deep thickets of rhododendron and really close in on you. There are some open spots along the Osprey Trail as it is dotted with several large powerline towers. Next we turned onto Reedy Fork, starting the return trip to the finish line. This trail is a lot like the Laurel Bluff Trail. When we make to the end of Reedy Fork Trail, we turn back onto Nat Greene Trail. Those hills get you on the return trip. Trail reviews for you by Jack the Trail Dog First; they follow the lakes in the city, so there is always plenty of water stops either in the lakes, or the streams that feed into them. I also require my pawrents to carry my food and gear for me.  I require figgy pops (banana almond butter flavor) broken into appropriate sizes, a taste of their stroopwafel or Cliff Bar.  Pack a water bowl~ my favorite is Ruffwear Trail Runner bowl~ Duh! Water is a big concern with many of the trails and over time I have learned to drink out of the water bowl and my pawrents can give me some of their water so I can drink on the run.   Oh yeah, back to the race. Before starting long distance running or multi day hiking with dogs we had to ensure that I was safe a protected against diseases that are found in nature.  I have been vaccinated for outdoor exposure that is found in my area. Talk with your veterinarian to get the appropriate vaccines for your area and activity plan.   Lastly, I love these trails because that means after the run I get a puppuccino from Starbucks! It’s awesome and so good. Hmmmmm. Yummy whip cream! I was happy to see the finish line. I was tired but it was a good run and great weather for me out and about. I was even given something called a finisher medal. It looks like a large dog tag to me, but people seemed happy I had it. I would have rather had a treat. And I really wanted that puppuccino. Not huge climbs, but rolling. Bur Mil Park and the Lake Brandt marina are great starting locations, but limited parking lot access along the routes. Proper Rabies tags and ID- always have a current rabies vaccine and the tag/certificate.  I have nice tag that has my name on it and pretty picture of the mountains. Second; we can pick the distance that we want to run on the trails. Third; they are great natural surface trails with plenty of rocks, mud and roots, (oh man, the mud and roots on Owl’s Roost).   You need to build up to the milage.  With using a model of building up to the goal distance over the prior few months, you too can run with your pawrent.  I helped my pawrent train for one of the toughest 100 milers on the east coast. We run on these trails a lot for training. They are easy to get to from our house with plenty of options for routes and distances. The City of Greensboro, it’s a big city with street crossings on some trails, maintains these trails and they are always busy. They say you can get 40 miles on them, but I am not really ready for all of that. last_img read more

The 6th Annual King of the James Adventure Triathlon

first_imgZack David Climbs the stairway to heaven during the 2015 KOTJ Photo Hunter Davis The King of the James is not for the faint of heart. Each leg of the race is demanding and requires advanced  technique skills in mountain biking, trail running and whitewater paddling. The race can be completed solo or as a team. Teams of 2-3 can choose a portion of the race they would like to complete and relay the event. When the flag drops, a Le Mans-style start kicks off the event. Riders run to their bikes and take off on a 10 mile loop that winds its way around the banks of the James River. Learn more at After completing the mountain bike section, racers transition to a 4 mile technical trail-run through Forest Hill Park that eventually leads to the putin of the river. Finally, with worn out legs, competitors hop into boats and paddle to the finish line 2.5 miles downstream through the class III/IV whitewater of the Lower James River. The first person to hit the steps at the 14th street take out will be crowned the King or Queen of the James.  From left to right: Leaving the startline during the 2016 KOTJ photo Rich Young. New Hardware for the King and Queen Photo by Rich Young. Open Boater runs Pipeline Rapid during the 2018 KOTJ photo Dave Perrisch. center_img This unique urban adventure triathlon has quickly become a tradition within the Richmond outdoor community. It is a celebration of not only the James River Park System, but also the community of people that make Richmond such a great place to live and play. Ultimately, raising needed funds for the James River Park is the goal of this event. The main fundraising efforts for this race will be to support a universal access ramp in the James River Park System. The Universal Access Ramp at Huguenot Flatwater will allow people of all ability levels access to both flatwater and downstream whitewater sections of the James River. This year marks the 6th annual ‘King of the James’ adventure triathlon in Downtown Richmond, Virginia. On Sunday, November 15th, individuals and teams will battle it out as they run the Forest Hill Trail loop, mountain bike Buttermilk and North Bank Trails, and paddle the urban whitewater found deep in the heart of Richmond’s fall line. The 2019 Queen of the James Margo Perretz runs Pipeline Rapid photo Rich Young last_img read more

The Great Teotihuacan Exhibit Arrives In The Mexican Capital

first_imgBy Dialogo May 26, 2009 The greatest exhibit ever shown about the explorations conducted over a century in the Pre-Hispanic city of Teotihuacan was presented today in the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City (MNA). The exhibit contains 430 pieces found in Teotihuacan, located 37 kilometers to the Northeast of the Mexican capital and was founded approximately 150 years B.C., even though the origin of this civilization is unknown, as well as why they disappeared after the year 650 A.D. The museographic designer for the exhibit entitled “Teotihuacan”, City of the Gods”, Patricia Real, indicated to Efe that the exhibit is divided into nine thematic areas such as architecture, society, the findings of the Pyramid of the Moon, religion and the relationship to other Mesoamerican cultures, all of this exhibited in an area of 3500 square meters. “Teotihuacan has a great influence, in architecture as well as for the manufacture of items such as pottery and in the representation of gods”, Real explained. This archeological site was declared to be a World Cultural Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1987. Teotihuacan spanned an area of 20 square kilometers and was inhabited by 100,000 people, which was the 6th largest population in the world at that time. Among the most prominent pieces are the Great “Jaguar de Xalla” and the “Disco de la Muerte”. Additionally, a replica of a burial site found in the Pyramid of the Moon is exhibited and different authentic objects that were found from the explorations of said building site. Statues, jewels, sculptures, murals, artifacts for crafts, vases, pots, small braziers and even a stucco spiral painted trumpet form the items found in the exhibit. The exhibit was designed to be presented at the Quai Branly museum in Paris, although it was first presented in the city of Monterrey in Northern Mexico and now in the capital city. From Paris it will also travel to the museums in Rietberg in Zurich (Switzerland), to the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin, and probably also to Holland.last_img read more