Jinx Producing First Line of Professional Esports Apparel

first_imgJinx (often stylized as J!NX), a clothing brand long dedicated to fielding more fashionable geek-inspired clothing, is launching two new product lines. The first is essentially a rebranding of their current offerings. It will focus on comfortable; relaxed streetwear like hoodies and casual tees. The latter, Jinx Pro is aimed more at professional gamers and esports fans.“J!NX was created to celebrate gaming culture and lifestyle. Video games are not just something we do; they are woven into who we are,” said Sean Gailey, Jinx co-founder, and CEO. “That passion and expertise uniquely position us to establish the J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro lines as the gold standard for core and competitive gaming apparel at an unprecedented scale.”The pro line specifically will use sweat-wicking materials and focus on clean looks and styles. Jinx hopes that this will bring professional esports wear in line with those of mainstream sports. “It’s striking how underserviced professional esports players are compared to their counterparts in the NBA or NFL regarding professional-grade performance wear,” said John Nite, Jinx’s new vice president of creative/product and a former design director at Under Armour. “The J!NX Pro line is a direct response to that, with high-quality styles designed with pro gamers’ unique needs and tastes at heart.”Jinx has long been one of my favorite clothing companies. I’ve still got a steampunk skeleton hoodie from almost ten years ago that I regularly wear. I first learned about the company through G4TechTV back when that was still a thing, and I got caught up in their advertising. But they’re still some of my favorite bits of clothing, and they’ve really held up over the years.Though, with that, said, I can’t say I’m convinced by the… necessity of professional esports gear. I get it; esports is a rapidly growing sector of gaming — it’s exciting, and with Blizzard’s commitment to forming a professional Overwatch league, we’re likely to see that sector grow and develop in some really awesome ways. At the same time, besides high-performance mice or maybe a custom controller, I’ve never felt like I needed anything particularly special. Especially since so much of these logos seem a bit too “gamer-y” and over the top, but maybe I’m just old and out of the loop. Maybe there’s a market for this kind of gear. What do you think? <><>last_img

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