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two, and the user search keywords. Why? Maybe some network promotion will say, I do the search engine ranking. Focus on users’ search habits, what is the relationship? What about after a number of network promotion experience, this point is critical factors. As shown in the website, with a relatively high flow rate, the conversion rate is not very high. On the contrary, low flow, high conversion rate. The two kind of phenomenon, it is hot and cold points, there is a sense of tit for tat. Indeed, these two phenomena are existing. Keywords set, and users often search words have a certain relevance.

visible, optimization is also must be considered. Then, directly added to the site. Effective determined, the latter work around its launch. So, the target direction is clear. At work, do not know what, but has a certain sense of loss. Visible, set keyword optimization, need to be measured. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

for optimization, it needs some previous work, such as making a corresponding document keyword optimization. After the data search, the effective comparison between words. Thus, to make the final determination. Simple, the process is somewhat cumbersome, the main factors are as follows.

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site in the preparation period before the keynote to clear the site. The website is completed, you need to set the appropriate keywords. This is the network promotion, a simple link, seemingly simple, but important. At the beginning of the network promotion, in order to express the sense of strength. The keyword index is very high, while ignoring the user experience this point. When entering the promotion work after a period of time, and had significant difference. Key words do not go up, and the flow also has not improved. This is a common example.

three, the number of keywords set. This factor may have some problems. Set key words appropriate? In general, the number of keywords is restricted. Such as 3-5 for short keywords, long tail keywords in the 5-9 between words. So, the optimization of the difficulty will be reduced accordingly. After working for a period of time, can effectively show the efficiency to a certain extent. This initiative can effectively promote the optimization of the.


, a website keywords and theme. Such as do collection industry, is set for keywords like clothing. The set of such words, even if there is a sit ranking, related flow. The results will certainly promote the lost. The reason is that the visitors came in to see the content is not what you want. In this way, the visitor’s next move is to close the page;

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