Shanghai Longfeng Chinese and foreign chain optimization do not be punished

source: Guiyang Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝 reprint please, thank you.


also is to avoid those cheating in the chain, search engine will give a feeling that your site optimization has been very hard, all the contents of the chain is also very normal, this is the best optimization. Of course, for many webmaster is really very difficult to obtain the high quality of the chain, of course, you can through the clerk offline marketing products from their reason to get ideas, this may be your success in very good teaching.

Guizhou high was the network to understand in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process is prone to problems, also is the chain prone topic drift. Since the fall in love with a green sea algorithm on the platform of many tiny Ali chain are punished in Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry the most exquisite quality, the number of the chain is not important; if the quality is high, can a few chain play a very good effect.

users feel no effect, do the chain in fact; the effect of the chain is still very large. Because at present the evaluation of a "degree of importance only two aspects: one is the content of the two is outside the chain, both are very important. It is an important index can not be discarded, garbage outside the chain effect may not be good; however the chain effect is still very strong. For example, the chain of correlation and the quality of the chain combination, if the choice of the chain in the process we have chosen some irrelevant, so its transmission effect will not be particularly large; we should try to choose the chain related theme is very similar to our website, help will be very large.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process many owners will encounter some problems being punished for the purchase of the chain. For a lot of friends for the site to increase the chain is a very important work, but it is very difficult; many friends can only be purchased through the chain to the weight of the site of rapid growth, but the purchase of the chain of Shanghai dragon optimization has some risk, it is easy to be punished. How can we avoid these penalties, Xiaobian to summarize the main points.

for the website optimization for every webmaster want to obtain the high quality of the chain, but the Shanghai dragon optimization if you can get the chain is very good, and good content, your website is likely to get a lot of traffic, so do the chain is very important.

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