Love the new optimization strategy of enterprise website under the Shanghai algorithm

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then the fresh blood should be how to write, is an important issue, many webmaster past is often using high quality pseudo original, seems to be a good method, but the original artifacts have a common characteristic, that is the contents of the old and the gossip, said to focus on the user to open this web site often closed quickly, these are easy to search engine to determine the content of garbage, so from a fresh perspective, should learn to old wine in new bottles, packing the contents become meaningful content, so that it can effectively improve the quality of website content.

love the main features of the new algorithm

first website content, pay attention to content is not a simple slogan, but a necessary condition, high quality website content does not require the entire site are all original, but every day must update the original content, so that it can ensure that the site has fresh blood input, can get the favour of spiders love Shanghai.

and the optimization of the site outside the chain, in the algorithm under the blow of Scindapsus aureus if excessive use garbage outside the chain, not only can not be brought to the site the weight, on the contrary will cause severe punishment, this is the webmaster friends in need to pay attention to the optimization of the corporate web site in the site outside the chain optimization, associated > to pay close attention to the anchor text chain and related content

optimization strategy of

enterprise website although from the function is not big breakthrough, is still in effect a Menlian business on the Internet, but the front if the website ranking is too low, it is difficult to allow customers to search, it will not leave a better impression on customers, and some proactive enterprises have begun to find the Internet bring a lot to the enterprise business, in this context, many enterprises begin to pay attention to their own website ranking, some used to love Shanghai bidding, in order to save some money, it adopts the method of optimization of the Dragon Shanghai, the focus of this paper is on the sea fell in love with the new algorithms, optimization strategy of enterprise website.

from the main features of the new algorithm on love Shanghai, key enterprises website optimization strategy should be put in the content of the website and the optimization of the chain, the enterprise website optimization of both the content and the chain can not simply from a number of aspects, but completely by the way of quality, so as to ensure that the enterprise website optimization the effect of.

since 2013, Shanghai continuous release and upgrade the love sets algorithm, both algorithms are Scindapsus algorithm or pomegranate had a larger upgrade, for intelligent website optimization according to better development, also with original spark program, from these algorithms can find love with certain technical means for Shanghai the fight against malicious optimization and prevent spam sites, even at will by manual adjustment way to deal with, that is to say, love Shanghai new algorithm’s characteristic and the goal is to make the quality of the website development, website promotion to enhance the quality of.

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