Let the chain be your waves never disappear

to do the optimization, may know the content is king, the chain for the emperor this sentence, we can see the importance of the chain, Links as a chain, the weights of the website promotion, website keywords ranking, and enhance traffic plays an important role. Links can also make people all over the world to find your website, your website really become the waves never disappear. When people exchange Links, how to judge the quality of this website? If you look only at the other site the PR value, you obviously already outdated, many PR cost can hijack, how to judge what kind of website is worth to exchange? First of all to see the other side of the PR value, also should see the other side of the snapshot the best, snapshots is 24 hours, if the snapshot lag at least explain this website is not very good. We should also take a look at this site included, if included is stable, indicating that the site update is persistent, spiders are generally more stable renewal of love. To see you and then keywords site ranking, the ranking is also very important, ranking at least explain this website has a certain flow, but also look at the website domain name registration time,. Finally, the total number of 0 party want to take a look at the website chain best can be maintained at about 30, the maximum not more than 50, if the website of the other side chain too much, then transfer to the weight of your web site also does not have what meaning.

how to find the ideal site chain do

how to determine the anchor text when doing the chain? The first consideration is your main keywords for your website, because this website weight transfer is very important, of course, for the keywords ranking is also very important. Of course, this is not the same, when your website main keywords ranking good, doing Links, you can consider using some primary key to do the anchor text links (where the primary key is I mentioned, because in the actual work, I found in addition to the website main keywords accident and some keywords love Shanghai index is very high, these words you can use the long tail keywords to describe it, because the ranking of these keywords is also not good to do so) website main keywords you will give you a very good traffic.


: the first best the most effective way is to find your competitors website links, of course this competition must rankings to be better than you, so you save time looking for links, and this method can find a relatively effective chain, second: search and you site keyword similarity good website, the website ranking must be better, this may require you to communicate with each other. There is the Links exchange platform, now there are many websites or forums have this function, you should exchange website request to write clearly, and leave your QQ number or mobile phone number, so many people will take the initiative to find you, save you a lot of time.

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