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that gives people the feeling is love Shanghai but also a big move, according to Shanghai’s "2013 love mentioned Chinese website development trend report" in the "spark plan", will be more strict with you webmaster website content management, at the same time, "love Shanghai green" algorithm and the outside of the building the chain to re set new rules; in essence, is probably the webmaster way blocked. In the last year and this year in this period, Shanghai has put a lot of love, the love of Shanghai enterprises to the bidding promotion route, there are also a number of owners to seek a breakthrough, embarked on the road of network marketing. This is not to discuss this topic.

In fact,

this afternoon around 18:30, Xiao Bian is used when the love of Shanghai in search results, the accidental discovery of love Shanghai in the search results page before a certain change, fortunately there had left the search results page, it made such a picture below.

can be seen from the left, the show is now, we can see the love of Shanghai show search results page, which is in the red box around the place, is to update the results after comparison; on the right side of the screenshot, it is not difficult to find, the love of Shanghai search results display page is right into a large space, and this space is also small suddenly feel accustomed to the place.

love Shanghai adjustment is a signal to tell the webmaster and enterprise, love Shanghai Spark Program has already started; we all know what constitutes a website, the key content is placed in the left most important content, degree is decreasing, and the adjustment of Shanghai the same is true love truth, love Shanghai before the search results page, the page length is relatively cumbersome, plus after and show the phoenix nest system upgrade, now love Shanghai bidding position are eighteen, ten search text search results in the cable eight search result and right. Here we have to talk about love again Shanghai "2013 Chinese website development report" which is very clear that the requirements of owners in strict accordance with his rules to optimize the website promotion, so there is a "title of the show is 32 words Chinese characters, describe 80 Chinese characters" if we really go to love Shanghai rules to optimize promotion, then the whole page will immediately improve the cleanliness level, and at the same time, the left and right side of the search results for advertising too far, do not comply with their own rules to define love Shanghai.

you can continue to look forward to renewing love Shanghai, this year will certainly.

Xiaobian also believes that this love Shanghai adjustment is a strong deterrent for future network marketing, let everyone know love Shanghai for once the Shanghai dragon market or hate is hate, love of Shanghai at the same time, the search results page adjustment is also possible, Xiao Bian also temporarily there is not much evidence to prove it, do not do that.

Comparison of the results of a Whether the

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