The website of Shanghai Dragon for enterprises need rectification for

article: we all know that the original articles all stressed that only the original articles have the value of things, the concept of love in Shanghai has made some suggestions to say: we make the original article, so it is good to help the search engine to search the site, so as to improve the collection. The original article can also improve the quality of site, so how are we to do the original question; "how to add additional value!" means in this article, I will not say.

the related recommendation: Click to view the contents of the user, when the user needs to see the reading of the article or other things;. For example: some related articles recommended in article pages on both sides, so as not to let the user and return to find related articles, this recommendation will play a role, is to save the user browsing time, thereby greatly reducing the user search time. (the truth! Product information like

information products (for enterprises): I optimized many enterprises station sites are not able to provide product information to the user look good, so the loss of part of the visitors. The needle stand for the enterprise website; a user visiting the site, the first time you will see the product information, such as price, quality, variety, product specification, use method and so on some product related information. How can not satisfy the user wants to know the product information, so it is difficult to achieve a part of the deal. We must improve the product information of

1. quality: the website quality is good or bad also determine the residence time of the user on the site, so we must improve the overall aspects of the site. So what is

The ? )The picture of

diversity (needle for Enterprise Station): so how do pictures to deal with it, the picture is a part of enterprise website is crucial, why do you say, is because the picture can be combined with the idea of good, graphic combination allows the user to see to look very comfortable. For some product information to do part of the rectification, the enterprise website is not very good to provide products with map, this will greatly affect the product confidence of the users of the site, and thus it is difficult to make the results; so we need to do is to put the picture of a detailed list, put pictures of products, allowing users to don’t read a picture of the product line, to provide some more pictures, let visitors interested in the actual product. >


for some sites online for a long time, but their ranking is still not very good, there is even no ranking. Then we encountered such a situation should be how to solve him? Wei Wei to adjust to a few points, most are focused on site problem. Because the site is a whole structural system, most of the staff of Shanghai dragon does not understand the optimal station, thus affecting the browsing, increase website bounce rate, as everyone knows: website jump out rate is high, the user experience worse, ranking the worse.

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