Only the display URL does not display the title and description of fault analysis

do not know the specific reasons, the author carried out the following treatment:

poisoning or Trojan horse

5, the server problems


, with the IP website not included problems, this website appeared. And the search with the IP website, found this website under the WWW. domain name set 301 to take the lead. Jump to the WWW without the domain name. This is the 301 turning processing results. Normally should have no problem. But when I turned to the 301 test, found in the IE browser, 301 to no effect. This doubt: will it be love Shanghai included with WWW web site, and due to the direct collection of 301, after the change of domain name. This can make nothing of it. Just a guess.

Because 2, check the robots.txt

4, a 301 redirect problemI suspect the reason for this problem is


website has such situation is: before the site intact, suddenly one day in Shanghai included shows web site, but not the description and title. Before the emergence of this problem, my server problems, initially suspected to be led to the problem of sharing ip. So in the meantime, upgrade independent ip. After the upgrade of independent IP, the emergence of this problem.

for this reason may be a cause of great. Because in the two time, server problems. Because before this, the server process to upgrade ip. This conjecture, will not be upgraded IIP independently lead to slower

now I encountered a problem, that is a new online website, home page was collected, but only the display URL, does not show the title and description. To solve this problem, the author collected online reference materials to solve the time, but again. Are currently being resolved. Here to share with you:

online collection of information obtained, but seemingly effective. After the completion of complaints and treatment, second days returned to normal. How to complain? Love maritime search to your own website, click on the "love Shanghai", and then fill in the relevant information truthfully on it.


I will not find. But check the other sites with IP, no problem, so it is not initially concluded that the poisoning and horse problem.

space to read?

in the complaint after the snapshot immediately, I took a look at the contents of robots, found no problem what. I did not move, should not the problem. But for some friends, maybe you can look at the beginning of the forbidden love Shanghai included. Or included the ban should be included in some pages. If yes, please change it.

snapshot complaintsThis trick is


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