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several times since the catastrophe since the algorithm love Shanghai in June this year, more and more Shanghai dragon Er opt out Shanghai dragon circles, and some because the adjustment algorithm affect the ranking and lost their jobs, many people questioned the love of Shanghai the purpose of doing so is to promote its love Shanghai PPC advertising business, there are countless click on the ads and Shanghai webmaster gathered love love Shanghai opposite! And now there is a voice that, Shanghai dragon is dead, PPC is king. In view of this point of view, I give some suggestions.

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I still believe that such a word, the fall love Shanghai! The platform is too large, in relation to the numerous owners and the interests of enterprises. So any problems involved will be infinitely enlarged, I want to say, if your ranking in the search or the new 360 search there are large fluctuations, estimated you will not care. Interest is the eternal contradiction, Shanghai dragon or PPC, or

preferred, Shanghai dragon did not die, the search engine algorithm is in constant adjustment, and the more frequent adjustment, the industry itself is a problem. The Shanghai dragon nearly two years of unusually hot, black hat cheating in fraud, as the site of numerous, dominant ecosystem, love Shanghai can not do not care about their own ecosystem under the site quality, so the adjustment algorithm is an inevitable trend. Shanghai dragon ER should also adapt to this environment, only to fight these black hat, white hat Shanghai dragon will have a better living environment. Convert a short-term perspective, the storm may be better tomorrow of the rainbow, I believe many white hat Shanghai dragon will understand the meaning of. Liu Minhua believes that although the black hat can make you obtain short-term rankings, but the future of your living space will become smaller and smaller, love Shanghai in the fight against black hat means escalating, believe that Shanghai Longfeng ER’s tomorrow is very clear.


PPC advertising, love Shanghai to promote business has more and more enterprises join in the bidding, about the benefits, here do not burden on. Shanghai and Shanghai about love between dragon and Phoenix in the end there is no hostile relations, at present, all the webmaster in question, from the system point of view, Shanghai love promotion and natural ranking is 2 independent ranking system, there is no connection between the 2. But the benefits, both are forms of fight at outrance. So people exclaim "Shanghai dragon is dead, PPC is king" is based on the relationship between the two opposites. But Liu Minhua opinion, these are the webmaster speculation, both interests that drive love Shanghai to stationmaster site punishment without any reason, because the owners also love Shanghai Yisifumu, search engine is also living in the environment back thousands on thousands of webmaster, from the interests of the webmaster is not conducive to the survival and development of love in Shanghai.

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