According to the analysis of the intelligent Home Furnishing industry internal optimization is very


for smart Home Furnishing industry website Shanghai Longfeng analysis, draw some conclusions. In the present domestic development of Shanghai dragon with intelligent Home Furnishing industry competition degree concluded: "the only update and release the chain is unable to do the Shanghai dragon." Then how can we effectively put intelligent Home Furnishing industry Shanghai Longfeng optimization do? According to my Home Furnishing for intelligent industry analysis, internal optimization is very important.

3. index in 50 the following keywords is called super long tail words, also known as transactional keywords. Keywords of this type is used for the final transaction. According to the analysis of intelligent Home Furnishing industry, due to the large Home Furnishing industry enterprises are keen on intelligent optimization and popular keyword bidding, thereby ignoring the importance of the super long tail word.


why is it important for internal

in Shanghai dragon industry internal optimization has been a very important part, at present there are still many webmaster do Shanghai Phoenix are addicted to update and send the chain. You can only say that they have Auot, they are still stuck in the past. Now the Shanghai dragon in China although it is in the embryonic stage. But the sea is love constantly updated, intelligent constant. Especially given the fierce intelligence Home Furnishing industry at present, in addition to update the content and the chain beyond the opponent, the interior of the website optimization will lead.

Keywords The Keywords Optimize the internal need to pay attention to:

1. index above 200-2000 called popular keywords, also is the navigation type keywords, we can use the home page to optimize the number of keywords, of course, also want to control, 1 to 3, according to the analysis of intelligent Home Furnishing industry, the best placed 3 main keywords.


I do not have the importance of

is called a line of Shanghai Longfeng site is the station link, a key to optimize the internal integrity of the website of Shanghai dragon is the key. For the smart Home Furnishing industry, if the new words first, we want to find out the industry’s main keywords and long tail keywords. Then one segment distribution.

according to statistics: transaction flow 95% a website from the page, which I introduced the super long tail word. These keywords competition degree is very low, we can use the keyword tool to dig out the super long tail word. Then organize the quality of the article optimization. This is more advantageous to the site of the volume, also can make the website to get the Everfount directional flow.

how to do internal optimization?

2. index between 50-200 is non keywords, called information search keywords, such words are most user information. This type of keywords competition degree, we can use the directory page or pages to optimize. The directory page can be placed about 3 keywords.

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