Analysis of love Shanghai eliminate the chain master the law of quality chain construction skills tw

2, the exposure rate of the chain is small easy to be deleted

so I think outside the chain to do one thing: try to make the exposure rate of the chain increases, at least let the traffic to reach tens of hundreds, too little, it is easy to be removed "love Shanghai

Correlation is relatively small, easy to link

I know, but I always have what good way to solve, because the high correlation has been very difficult to solve, unless I do every inquiry platform, such as love in Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer, some other forums do together are quite uncomfortable, as well do the webmaster forum! If you have a good way to give me support

I early at the end of the world Post Bar post more, because this post contains a relatively fast, but found such a problem, there inside hair of these posts, while subtly inserted in the middle of the post, the administrator also did not give out such links included also love Shanghai very quickly, but slowly will be part of is love Shanghai removed, and these posts are excluding traffic low post, I guess in the traffic low posts will be deleted, or will not be included? Later in many of the sites I have found the

Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair. In front and we discuss my love for Shanghai which will eliminate the chain page, said before I might add something, because I feel that there are many aspects are not taken into account, today I was at the base of this article say that own some views about this problem, what do you think you can directly out, I would have taken the time to discuss with you.

1 industry deleted

The disadvantages of ! !

I analyzed my site outside the chain are often from soft, others to webmaster nets see my article reprinted or collected my article, so the chain to do a lot of fun, and fast, but a lot of the time I of these chains are irrelevant and industry, the chain of correlation is very low. So when some small sites, the chain will have low weight site collection were excluded. In addition, I see a lot of other sites, many webmaster love bubble related forums in the webmaster, do link by signature, this link up very fast, sometimes one month increase of thousands are common, but the love of Shanghai small update will reduce the number of this kind of link, because no matter how said the relatively low degree.

read my previous article friends may know the chain page love Shanghai removed is some of the relatively poor quality of the page, low weight page, it is not only the weight of web page in front of that low, account is K, the three aspects of cheating? Obviously should not stop because of these three aspects. Many times we are in normal operation, the choice of Forum blog is a good weight, but there will still be a part to be deleted, there may be several reasons under the.

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