Some measures on how to enhance the utilization of Shanghai dragon website to attract repeat custome

second, use to avoid popups. Now many download sites, information websites to appear a variety of pop, pop and advertising often these closely related, its purpose is to be able to bring some profits to the website. But more pop, will be very easy to cause the user antipathy. If this aversion to reach a limit, then the user is difficult to become your loyal users! So for as long as possible to avoid the use of pop. Of course, as a webmaster, if not profitable nor continue the momentum, so for this, we need a comprehensive consideration, for example, can be placed on both sides of the window where the user browsing, although these places may bring benefits is not too high, but also take into account the benefits and user experience. For the latter can lay a solid foundation for long-term profitability.

with love Shanghai algorithm innovation, want to take a shortcut to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization has been difficult to achieve, in fact, now there are a lot of Shanghai dragon ER complain about their enormous energy, website ranking still fluctuated, there are always concerns about the site was K, causing great mental stress. This is clearly not the right of the Shanghai dragon optimization method.

actually love Shanghai as long as the focus on search engine optimization guidelines, although not get good rankings in a short time, but it can continue to accumulate their own site loyal users, compared to the ranking, is more and more loyal customers is the key to the success of the website. So the following is to focus on if to enhance website attract repeat measures by Shanghai dragon optimization.

first, your content is updated for what? This is a question that must be answered. Now many webmaster only to Shanghai dragon optimization to do content, content readability is very poor, and even the use of some pseudo original way to update and keywords. This update did not consider the needs of users, it is not the right way. And now love Shanghai SEO Guide also the related conditions, such as correlation, readability, bounce rate, if a website jump out rate is very high, so this site if not long-term solution, often the search engine will be judged as spam sites, want to improve rankings difficulty as can be imagined.

third, web design should not be too fancy, also can not be too complex. Now some webmaster to enter a misunderstanding, think site features more fancy web design, using a variety of colors, often make people feel very confused.

so in the update, you must ask for what the update. That is to say you need to analyze user preferences, this can be done by data access to the site, in which the content analysis of users stay longer. This shows that these users are interested in the content. Then the future direction can try to update this. That is, in the update before, also need to pay attention to the relevant data, in order to find the direction of the update, and retain more customers.

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