The chain rapidly improve the rankings of combat skills

Shanghai dragon friends know this sentence: content is king, the chain for the emperor. What do you mean? The website is ranked by internal links and external links two parts of. In this article, the author mainly want to discuss with everybody, if the chain, what kind of the chain to help the largest website ranking.

three, a wide range of

The chain of

two, correlation

on the Internet, the chain there are many forms, and many kinds of effect size of the chain is different. Love Shanghai clearly pointed out that if the spam chain would not easily be included, and if there is a chain of most not included words, then it is very dangerous. The number of the chain is important, even more important than quantity is quality, 1 high quality chain to the top 100 spam chain. When the hair of the chain, we must maintain a good attitude, quality to make the chain. The best that can go to the website to publish high reprint articles, so the chain is not only stable, and the quality is very high.

you want to make your site get good outside chain, want to begin from the following aspects.

in the construction of the chain, even Links, have certain correlation are quite good results, so we in the chain construction should also pay attention to this point, combined with their own products or content, to take the initiative to find some relatively high correlation to the chain. For example,贵族宝贝/, this is a feminine care product, so it is best to go to the women’s forum outside the chain, and women related such as weight loss, breast whitening, and so on this forum to send outside the chain, it is best to solve the problem for people, quality of this chain is relatively very high.

four, last of the chain of

today and some discussion are the experience of their own experience, in the above two good words, then we will consider the chain wide, don’t put the perspective is limited to a certain point, should go to the divergent thinking, let oneself website product information as much as possible exposure on the Internet of course, the premise is to ensure the quality of the chain. On the premise of ensuring the quality to do extensive promotion, search engine will be getting better and better impression on your web site.

, a chain of high quality

old webmaster should have been used, the main point is to remind those novice webmaster, the chain is a kind of continuous work, need to accumulate for a long time to be able to show a significant effect, is not a short duration of time will be able to make the. It must adhere to, persist in Shanghai dragon in this way, you will be successful. The construction of the chain also need to accumulate for a long time, the best day to their work plans, complete the number of the chain every day, to have the law of. If done with it, the search engine will give a very bad impression.

The chain of

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