Shanghai dragon R should know how to establish and improve the Shanghai dragon operation team

website with enterprise management, how managers will have what kind of operation effect, management team on the development of Shanghai dragon industry foresight, manager of the Shanghai dragon operation project decisions affecting the entire enterprise, if you don’t fully understand the Shanghai dragon case, customized solutions but is rubbish another piece of paper. Shanghai Longfeng manager needs to have a relatively high level, and the original Shanghai dragon master search engine and method, have more marketing knowledge and experience, can not be confined to the Shanghai dragon technology. What is the Shanghai dragon experience should have enough rights in many companies in Shanghai Longfeng position is too low, but can not mobilize the suggestion on the optimization of other departments, especially in the technology sector, the plan is difficult to implement.

clear division team operation

According to the website

team managers need to fully grasp the Shanghai Dragon Technology

web site operators to can do comprehensive, perfect Shanghai Longfeng operations team is indispensable, with enterprise management as the reason, Shanghai dragon operation success also lies in the proper use of the team, play the advantages of each member of the team to operate the web site. The website operation CEO to know how to establish the optimization team Shanghai Longfeng perfect, when necessary, can seek outsourcing services, the use of professional skills to improve the optimization efficiency of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises.

The operation of The

team and technical personnel to Shanghai training base dragon

common "understand technology do not understand Shanghai dragon, understand Shanghai dragon do not understand technology, that is simple but enough to show that the development of Shanghai dragon team is not perfect, the team’s technical staff did not know much knowledge of Shanghai dragon, but the most basic knowledge is the need for training, Shanghai Dragon just after the site launched operations only, in the construction site should begin with Shanghai Dragon technology, for the basic knowledge of team technical personnel must master: H label layout, Flash, JS code, CSS construction, alt attribute etc. these simple basic knowledge. If the technicians in the station began to notice the details, the webmaster can put more time into a more in-depth website operation solutions.


the size of the need for clear division of Web site operators, different methods to promote what is different, a clear division of labor can improve the enforcement plan of Shanghai Longfeng, Shanghai dragon division team to be divided into: page optimization personnel, personnel responsible for the adjustment of page optimization factors, including artificial adjustments the page title, content, keyword distribution and format to increase and adjust tags, adjust the internal links; the content of the editorial staff, responsible for the original or edit the content and basic contents of Shanghai Longfeng optimization release; linkbait settings, especially the resource link bait, and also an important work contents of construction personnel. The chain construction personnel. This position is responsible for the Links exchange, depending on the value.

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