Using Shanghai Longfeng brand effect let you flow Everfount

title and description are we just begin to contact the Shanghai dragon to most things, but the inertia of thinking Shanghai dragon, let us always to Shanghai dragon to set the title and description, this is not in line with the user experience, but also can play a powerful brand effect, such as the following figure is a typical example.

: the first using the title and description to improve your brand exposure

second: the brand concept and image into the design and content of the site in

before writing this article, babyliu first ask you a question of Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon is for what you do? If you answer: of course is to make the ranking! So babyliu told you, you completely out. Shanghai dragon is not only can enhance the website ranking technology, but can be a powerful weapon to create brand effect.


brand, is a hard power, has an excellent brand, will make the website traffic Everfount. Should the Shanghai dragon have heard Lu Songsong the webmaster, his blog is a famous brand in the webmaster, you, almost no one I do not know, known, even if there is a period of time k to his blog is still so strong Not the least trace was found., flow, this is the real power of the brand.

third: their brand promotion soft perfect out

website title and description written, this is only the first step to build the brand, design the website itself is the real core brand. A good website must have a beautiful appearance, but also can fully highlight the website brand name logo, do not underestimate the logo images of impression on people is the most profound, a beautiful logo can allow the user to remember your site. In terms of content, more is to put the brand concept into account, the best way is to write text, relative to the station outside the station can be soft, soft Wen is a bit hard, after all is to manage its own websites, but don’t write hard advertising, after all, most users dislike advertising, so soft to grasp certain the degree, to get out of a perfect brand.

Shanghai, the way of the chain, write soft article is one of a kind of soft power, not only in the chain increases to the rankings, can also put the brand publicity.


this site even ranking, users cannot easily remember the brand name, if some day in the future the rankings off, then this site also disappeared in the sight of the user, not to mention what flow. So, according to babyliu website written title and description is the first condition to show, to build the brand, highlight your brand, the brand to maximize the probability of exposure.

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