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many business owners think, as long as I put the promotion of good, the exposure rate after the product sales can be greatly improved, although the promotion can increase the volume of business enterprises, but not absolute, or else there will be so many people do not feel the promotion effect; it is also a misunderstanding of Internet enterprise the promotion, for example, online promotion and offline promotion, although the method is different, but the principle is the same, you ask a person to distribute leaflets, flyers and leaflets with others, also gone, but no one to buy the product, is not representative of distribute leaflets this method doesn’t work? Of course not in fact, even if it is to distribute leaflets to promote the form, as long as the user connected to see, produce exposure after work and the promotion effect is done; the same, do the purpose of promotion Is to increase the exposure rate, thereby increasing user attention, resulting in the mode of cooperation rather than through promotion to sell products.

is a misunderstanding: the promotion of marketing


: Cen Huiyu said before a word, whether cooperation is determined by market demand, rather than the quality, for example, if you are a boss, do expensive sofa business in a remote villages, you through the Internet or distribute leaflets to everyone know that you are in the sofa, from here you can see that the effect of the promotion has been reached, but the remote villages where and who buy such an expensive sofa? So that no sales promotion has no effect, is not a littleCrazy


: a lot of people still do not distinguish the difference between network promotion and marketing promotion, to increase exposure through a series of means, such as bidding, Shanghai dragon, since the media belong to the category of promotion, and business.

where I first Tucao one or two, if the enterprise do the Internet promotion, may wish to do before the market to do a market survey report, the product needs of users is not large, the purchase of the crowd at what stage, how many competitors, whether the product allows users to produce dependence, the final purpose of promotion is to increase the purpose of marketing exposure, and is converted to product cooperation, so you at the request of network marketing, it is necessary to distinguish you are doing promotions or doing

with more and more people choose to seek cooperation in the Internet, many businesses have their own products on the Internet, trying to get more exposure, so as to increase the product sales, but in many enterprises, it is not difficult to find the network promotion well, most of them belong to those willing to invest and willing to understand the user thinking of the business needs, not just confined to the perception of the product, why the Internet is so advanced age, there are still so many companies can not afford to do network promotion effect? In cognitive network marketing and the misunderstanding of what kind of? The following Cen Huiyu according to their own point of view to share with you I hope to help you.


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