How your website competition How to optimize

optimized website in all aspects can see traces of. Without the optimization of the website, usually even above the most basic of these places will have problems, so the simple view of these factors, we can see whether the site after the basic Shanghai dragon.

search results page before page 10 page, the inside pages appear more, the keywords competition is small, of course, it should be noted that some large portal channel page weight is really high, equivalent to the general web site home page.

but this is not the rule, a word, a concrete analysis of specific situations, the above rule is not full and applied to the actual situation, such as the number of results is relatively large, but because there is no commercial value, often the degree of competition is relatively small.


keyword competition can be said to have an accurate standard, also can not determine how the factors which accounted for the proportion of, must stand on the whole, this time, in charge of judgments based on experience is very important. In general, the number of search results in less than 100 thousand of the degree of competition is very small, to optimize this station carefully, will have a certain effect. But if the number of search results in the hundreds of thousands or millions of keywords that has entered the popular threshold. So do the keywords ranking is more difficult.

the first sem_ Du Bailin, please indicate the source


finally, analysis of your competitors should be the priority among priorities. Firstly, relevant information should be the domain name weight, including domain name age, PR value, snapshot date, included page number, the chain construction, social media etc.. Secondly, they should see the website optimization, you can see if his page title tag contains keywords? Website column is clear and reasonable? URL is static? Web link structure is effective? How far is the distance within the page home page click distance? Whether the three or four clicks to all pages in the main page? Whether the site has substantial content navigation system? Whether or not to use the methods of unfavorable crawled out of the Flash and JS script page? Whether to use the H1 and H2 tags? Whether contains the page target keywords in the

intitle the number of results to a certain extent, can also reflect the keywords competition degree, but represents the return pages with keywords in the title, "such correlation search out more. In addition to the search results page of the website ranking number and bidding price. It should be noted that the number of bidding website needs during the day to see, because advertisers bidding on advertising in general because of savings and the choice to stop advertising in the evening, the evening work of Shanghai dragon, only focus on the evening auction site number, will cause errors in judgment.

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