Shanghai dragon is not a mechanical repetition

is now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng staff that Shanghai dragon is nothing more than two, a chain of a content. Update the contents of Shanghai Longfeng work is mechanized, the chain of mechanization. In view of this, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng staff that Shanghai dragon is a salary is not high, and very hard work.


is my years of contact with the Shanghai dragon, feel more and more, Shanghai dragon is a science, system engineering, rather than repetitive mechanical labor. Here to talk about my views through the following aspects.

, a Shanghai dragon should learn keyword analysis

two, Shanghai dragon from the station

believe that many chain personnel are complaining that their workload is too large to send a large number of links every day. Even some people in the pursuit of short-term interests to buy links. Look at the market chain link workload and personnel of the boom can be seen in their pursuit of Shanghai dragon foreign chain have become crazy. However, we thought, we do Shanghai dragon’s intention is what? Is to improve search engine rankings on site optimization, so as to get traffic, and then put the order flow into the right. But >

is now a lot of Shanghai dragon, a want, just take a key to do it up, so he created a lot of website ranking, can still flow is also decent, but is not connected to what order. Because many people are always in a state of most probably it did not actually happen in the choice of keywords, then causes, sometimes because of a keyword competition is too large, the optimization for a long time are not optimized up. There are the deviation of keyword selection, although the site to bring traffic, but can not keep this part of the user, and so on. So as a qualified Shanghai dragon must learn to analyze various keywords data. Keywords data sources include love Shanghai related search, after word tools, love Shanghai promotion assistant, the Q & a platform etc.. We put the data accumulated after heavy screening of the most appropriate keywords to optimize.

, crazy pursuit of three chain

Start thinking of

many friends always think Shanghai is just doing the Dragon ranking, and the auction is similar, but less than the bid to spend a lot of money. Indeed, as legend online content is in the chain with keywords competition is not the case in several ranking cycle, have a good rankings in a short period of time, but the ranking is not stable. Because our websites out can not meet the needs of users. So, we have to consider in the site of Shanghai dragon. Now a website are quite typical, especially the medical treatment of the site, one made a small 39 Health Network like, the content of that much ah. But the content is more, but a lot of burden for the user does not want, and even got a lot of little pop, how this station can retain users? This site has good rankings are useless.

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