Shanghai Longfeng a years of failed experience

1, holding the empty cup mentality to learn

2, Shanghai dragon = diligence

wood has wood flow, orders the day swollen too? Quit it, to be honest when you have such a hold on, I admit that I have, but the heart has unwilling. Look at their own optimization promotion station, feeling like his "children", "children" did not grow up, how can I give it up? I am responsible for the optimization of the station, the first station to the noble baby home for more than a month, not an order, later found out when the program problem, no program the home page is DMCA after complaints, the first station so young; to copy a station promotion, not a month and no DMCA.


holding the empty cup mentality to learn, this is the most I want to entering the social work friend said. We tend to be past knowledge, experience of imprisonment, believes that the cost of their work is not worth too much energy. But this is not the case, we can choose a lot of work, but every job we need in an empty cup mentality to continuous learning, continuous improvement, only in this way can you succeed. Don’t like I was, that they have a professional advantage, do Taobao experience, since that great, finally was my so-called professional knowledge of poison. So when we accept a new job, don’t think how cattle, have rich experience, Everything is nothing, have the ability to keep a really really really significant force recruit work "".

a lot of network promotion beginners mistakenly believe that Shanghai dragon is desperate to send a lot of the chain, the website ranking will go up, the order came to my head! I experience a years of failed to tell you, don’t dream! Shanghai dragon is not a simple copy and paste, need is executed efficiently after thinking. The difference between IT and IT is the elite of migrant workers a hands-on, a brain, the effect is also a world of difference. I started to contact the Shanghai dragon, every day by the supervisor sent me the resources, hard hair of the chain, made on the matter, the new resources will come tomorrow, continue to send. Every day busy feel suffocated, fear not to complete the task. Then the task is completed every day, but the boss says "why haven’t I Speechless order", this is a thankless task. We must not let Shanghai dragon turn us into a robot, and should take this job as the Shanghai dragon robot, learn to find the characteristics and laws of development, efforts to conquer it.

3, insisted that victory

The first job after graduation –

foreign trade website promotion, as an electronic commerce professional graduate, English level six people, this should be a good choice. But in this year’s work, I repeated setbacks, once wanted to give up, but in the end still persist, now finally ushered in a silk dawn! Today I will share their experience and lessons, hoping for some help beginners Shanghai dragon.

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