The chain construction site selection value

there is a Links exchange platform. Links all know, through the swap chain can help your site increase weight. Here the Links exchange platform is not directly exchange links, just provide a platform, we will link up, for those who have the intention of exchange platform. Links exchange platform to submit their own links, or a lot of requirement is very strict, and some similar website directory, is the need to add Links can pass, but most of them just verify the ownership submission website, once through the audit can be deleted. So, one of the chain construction method which is the webmaster can not be ignored.

soft outside chain construction. In fact, this is all very clear, the quality of the soft is great, it is still very strong. Soft in the promotion, it has the effect of propaganda, it is popular to say advertising effect, this is of course free advertising. There is a major feature of the soft, it is an article which is readable by value, so its reprint rate is very high, especially in A5, Chinaz such well-known website, which improves its propaganda. This chain here published once through, it is not removed, many search engines also have very good rankings. This chain is believed to be helpful and stable on the website, even if it is not how to update the Shanghai love away.

classification information website chain. Classified information website is a way that many people ignore Jianwai chain, there may be two reasons, one is rarely in contact with this website is not easy, another is related to the collection of classified information website. But the classification of information website weight is generally very high, this is a very good resource for the construction of the chain. In the classification of information website of course Jianwai chain is to release the related links on the inside, this is not nonsense, a lot of classified information website is to review the contents of the release, so the content posted to combine their own site theme, release to the relevant section. There is one thing to note, publish information on classified information website is a certain period of time, usually within two to three months. So, following the review, still need to continue to maintain such information.


a lot of Shanghai dragon Er every day to spend a lot of time to increase the site outside the chain in the forum, but every time Baidu big update, always hear about the chain down a lot. In the optimization, the majority of owners have always been a believer in "the chain for emperor", through the chain can improve website ranking, this is not wrong, from the author’s own cPanel Wen de data see, included only a dozen pages, the chain is close to ten thousand, it has been ranked in the home page, and a row of keywords in the first. Most of the time we have sex in Shanghai optimization, website ranking drop, usually it is caused by the change of the algorithm. In fact, how to change the basic algorithm, it is still the same. Today, from the construction of the chain, the construction of the chain many methods, but how many people noticed the option value.

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