Google executives responded to condone piracy questioned delete million monthly connection

Wojcicki also said that the child pornography filtering and filtering network information piracy difficulty is not the same. Wojcicki said: "the child pornography information one can see it, so it is easy to filter. But the Internet piracy information is different, when I see a network, I did not immediately determine whether the content with copyright protection conditions."

technology news (Zhong Tao) June 1st Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, in the "Wall Street journal"’s blog AllThingsD Thursday presided over the General Assembly held the tenth session of the AllThingsD Technology ("D10"), Google’s advertising business senior vice president Susan · Wojcicki (Susan Wojcicki) said that the outside world about Google deliberately "connivance" piracy statement is not true; the reality is that Google has been in the spare no effort to combat online piracy.

According to Emanuel Tencent Google

the accusations against Emanuel, she Thursday night at the D10 conference responded: "I think Emanuel had learned, are some very wrong information. Google does not want to establish business in support of Internet piracy."


AllThingsD Technology Conference in 2003, held once a year, this year for the tenth annual meeting. Held on Wednesday night at D10, Hollywood’s top star broker William Morris endeavor Entertainment (William Morris Endeavor) and CEO · (Ari Ali Emanuel); Emanuel has repeatedly said that in fact the information filtering of Internet piracy, Google still has great room for improvement to improve.


(micro-blog) advertising business senior vice president Susan · Wojcicki;

Wojcicki said, in order to combat Internet piracy, Google had invested $30 million in funds to develop their own "content recognition system, the system can automatically detect the network video uploaded to YouTube for copyright works. In addition, Google will remove more than 1 million monthly suspected piracy information network link.


accused Google of negotiations with the statement to the Hollywood, Wojcicki said it could not.


Emanuel said that Google has been successful through technical means in the Google search results to filter out child pornography information, so the company to filter Internet piracy information should also not what difficult. But Google did not do so, "and therefore it is not to be, non can not", Google does not want to fight against online piracy matters to do its own responsibility, but not willing to negotiate with the Hollywood to come up with all parties agreed "to combat online piracy act" (SOPA) program.

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