360 love Shanghai second open at the expense of the user experience for the price

then August 28th night love Shanghai and 360 exactly what happened for? Early in the morning, the author of the two search engines make case analysis, then share the results to you, do not represent any position, is full of personal views.

Li Kaifu, as we all know, at last night he sent a such question: micro-blog: "love Shanghai and 360 battle tonight who will lose? A: user." In short, on the evening of August 28th 360 words love Shanghai second comment is more pertinent to

search, find love Shanghai products in the results when the opening is, the careful reader will realize that this is a snapshot, and snapshot date shows that in July 30, 2012, more than a month, the actual example is what we see in the 360 search results. Rather than love the products of Shanghai showed normal.

? users!

This is the 360 screenshot

love Shanghai updated in stressed: but the 36> user experience!


so it seems that love is 360 and Shanghai in the fighting hard to draw users use their search results, using one limited service, the other party to hijack the user’s means, it had to let us think back to the last 360 of the war with the Tencent, the two sides do not use 360 products can not use the QQ service, QQ users are kept by 360 reported drugs, this war not to mind taking the trouble both sides did not get the benefits, but the most injured or both

360 is to love Shanghai, love in Shanghai is how to treat the 360

uses 360 used comprehensive search services, Post Bar Shanghai know love will jump to love Shanghai home

is currently 360 as everyone knows the search page default map, MP3, is the love of Shanghai news service, at the same time, the 360 is love Shanghai and search using the web search, love Shanghai, love Shanghai know video and MP3 some love Shanghai search service users as alternative service. But today when I was in the 360 search box used in addition to all love Shanghai love Shanghai service web page, all search results will jump directly to the Shanghai home of love. Before that, in 360 the search box above the love Shanghai service, Shanghai love directly into the search results page. Why is this result? 360 rushed, the technology is not perfect, many techniques rely on love Shanghai, the battle of love Shanghai hijack user is inevitable!



look at a screenshot:


let us see a interesting micro-blog:

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