Business owners how to build 1% of the chain


first for which the chain is of no use to the website. At present, the webmaster do all the chain to love what kind of website chain? I believe that the webmaster should is very clear, too many webmaster love to do the chain webmaster forum replies, signature, advertising irrigation, blog, classification and information network, B2B site in the chain for a corporate website although the classification of information network and the B2B classification for channel or relevance of supply chain, but many companies do love webmaster duplicate information inside, this is not the weight transfer. And the weight of the blog transfer is also very small, almost didn’t have much weight to their own website, not to mention the signature of the chain and replies and advertising irrigation chain, the chain do more will be the direct result of K station. So, Zhang Qiya Shanghai dragon Training Institute believes that these chain is useless.

The chain of

, a chain which is of no use to the website

for example, the website is certain products, this product is the type of building materials, building materials and the site is type of website, then I can type building materials combined with Shanghai Longfeng website to write an original article experience, building materials such as type of website how to do outside the chain of high quality, such as there is correlation, then submission station network, second days can see many websites of this article and take a link, some people may say.

two, how to build the 1% station

now the chain 99% is useless, only 1% are useful, so in the chain should pay attention to the chain do what is, whether targeted or not, whether there is a correlation, whether readability, whether there is quality, these are actually pay attention to. So, what the chain is useless, what is useful, following the author and the webmaster exchange with you, this article only for business novice webmaster, if there is a resonance can communicate together.


again said the chain under the how to build the 1% station. In fact, the chain 1% is not difficult to do, in general as long as the chain targeted and the correlation is useful, and the quality and originality of this chain must be high, more important is the chain is the chain of others to help us take the initiative to do, I think this chain is useful. Optimize the master is how to do the chain, they write in the chain to the targeted website, webmaster type or write to the correlation of stationmaster net contributor, and to exchange some high quality the chain. Like Zhang Qiya’s corporate website is the chain website with Shanghai dragon wrote to stationmaster net contributor, the chain included after ranking on soon. You can go to the A5 station network can also go to Chinaz, the two major portals contribute the transfer of the weight is the highest, but to remember that, the article must be related, since this chain on the site to be useful.

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