Before the Shanghai dragon Er induced the advice book

second, I take it as my job in the face of what the new owner name card. Since the job, because we are Shanghai dragon Er so the next question is if you want to find the similar optimization positions, we should take what to give the new owner, this point we have to be very clear, especially if there is no new optimization optimization case then we are talking about business and salary will be greatly reduced, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er claims that they how many years of work experience, but they let out the case look, he often looked embarrassed, which shows us the optimization of the site to end keyword competition to say nothing, secondly, the degree of competition is too high we have no challenge to optimize the case, and the interview is a game, enterprise what for us, what we are to dispel the worries of enterprises, optimization case and optimization strategy is to make them your magic eyes, these are throw The sound of things will certainly make the club pay attention to your own value.

as the Shanghai dragon Er we know that because of the environment, affecting their development direction and a variety of factors, many of the face of job hopping is an unavoidable choice. As I sympathize with our counterparts in Shanghai dragon Er, but I want to remind you that the job is not hot headed, but really meditate carefully selected results, so, in this case I think we as a webmaster before leaving must be aware of the following questions.

third, the optimization of their experience of earning respect. We know that any enterprise has several competitors, then analysis and attention to peer website that we once again get attention as candidate chips, it is very necessary for us to look at the job before peer website, when communicating with boss, if you can through the following aspects to elaborate, then, will a lot of extra points for their interview. First of all, we should point out the web site in the optimization process excels. For knowledgeable boss, every day they will pay attention to competitors and their own websites, their hearts had a problem, why the opponent site always in their own enterprise website or their website ranking is very stable but beyond the reach of our website, but there are still a lot of problems? As long as you analyze the peer website advantage and company the website, >

first, I question the ability or the development of the company. If you are unable to complete the optimization target’s ability, we should calm down on yourself, whether in time during the inauguration of the sublimation of their ability to improve their level of optimization? If it is their own reasons really not up to the requirements of the company, then leave even after the inauguration of the new company will encounter this the problem, the best way is to use their spare time to enhance the optimization technology, to make themselves more powerful. Secondly, the development of the company, if their own optimization techniques and ideas can’t platform for the company’s biggest play, this time choose to leave and find another job but also a means of self consistent with the long-term goal of development, people go up this is our common vision.

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