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3, outside the chain of high quality benefits of

is good or bad, the chain is good or bad, hurt the garbage chain construction of a large number of sites is very large. I do website construction of the chain is the chain, the high quality of the work, so the construction of the chain is high, and no longer on the chain, and not as do the chain.

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according to their website industry, select the relevant platform chain, different industry platform of choice will be different, but some of the platform can be shared. How to choose the relevant platform of the lottery industry, can share platform like some webmaster website, do site optimization, Webmaster Platform and all related areas; secondly can choose the lottery software 贵族宝贝7ien.cn/cprj.aspx related forum of high quality posts, choose lottery software related website submission, send some soft platform and so on, is very much and we need to find their own development.

website ranking, whether the anchor text or text links on the website of the ranking of the benefits is very big. We deliberately do the chain promotion will need to design some reasonable keywords, such as to make up the ranking, I want to promote the lottery website construction of such words, so when I was in the hair of the chain, will be in such words with links to increase the user experience, and to increase keyword ranking.

love Shanghai algorithm before the launch, the content of the website and the construction of the chain is the site of future ranking of the two key factors, the webmaster is no doubt. But since the launch of love Shanghai algorithm, began vigorously against the chain, many webmaster began to concentrate on the content of the site construction, practicability of the chain has been suspected. Since Shanghai does not love love what we do, so don’t blow to my website. I do website construction lottery software industry also began this attitude, also insisted on the content construction for a long time, but there is no improvement in the website. Practice gave me experience, so the construction of the chain again by my attention.

high quality the chain is a chain platform of high quality, the other is more important chain of the content to be high quality. Good article in support of the people will be more natural, more forward, the benefits are enormous. Although they have.

I do website lottery software industry has always insisted on a truth, no matter what people say, I tend to practice round, in practice I can sum up experience, adjust the direction of future work. So in my practice, to help the construction of the chain of the site is very large, we are engaged in software optimization like lottery website, is the enterprise site, sometimes the chain will feel completely ranking.

2, the anchor text or text links

how to make the construction of the chain high up, let me give you share lottery software websites such as the experience of the construction of the chain:

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1 platform, correlation

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