The Web Page Title Optimization don’t pick a watermelon seed lost


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A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization (贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) in the diagnosis of the site to the customer and always will meet in the same site, the same theme, the page title is the same, such settings do not believe it is not friendly to the search engine spiders, to increase the difficulty in grasping the time, do not know the same page how to handle, is placed in the same category, or on the other classification, the user is also not very friendly. Therefore, I hope the webmaster in write page title must be different pages do not use the same title tag, and each page should be the one and only.

The correlation between

page title page optimization optimization is the most important factor, when the user visits, page title text is displayed in the browser window title is the top of the search results when users browse to see first, the most eye-catching text, therefore, the webmaster in writing web page title must have enough attention. The A5 diagnosis of Shanghai dragon optimization team comes and everyone in that way, the page title optimization should pay attention to what the content.

each page has its own unique title tag

in general, Shanghai Longfeng staff will take the front keywords in the title tag, the webmaster should know that there is some relationship between the key words in the title of position and rank, is often the position is in the front, ranking on the former, therefore, A5 diagnosis and optimization to remind the owners of Shanghai Longfeng group we must take the front keywords in the page title, if improve the keywords ranking so flows with the hit rate will naturally increase, but must be able to make their own title attracted users attention to, want to know the title is dull and tasteless and how No one shows any interest in, click on the rate of traffic with

is precisely related to not stack keywords


webmaster know the page title is a word limit, therefore, this requires us to these personnel should as far as possible by the Shanghai dragon combination of some of the more meaningful words, must not be a waste of resources, be able to write in the title tag of the word must have value, can bring traffic and target users, but also take into account users, they generally love what search words, which words collocation with love, these are to be prepared in advance.


combination of several meaningful words

believe that every webmaster are very clear, each page title should accurately describe the content of a page, let users see at a glance that the upcoming visit is about what the page is roughly what content, search engine can quickly determine the correlation of the page. If you want to describe the content of a page, it will appear keywords in the title, but it should be noted that the title is a word limit, but also must not appear keywords accumulation phenomenon, the title must be in a clean manner, smooth, no nonsense.


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