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through the understanding, to the professional enterprise website promotion, not only to enhance the user experience, but to help enterprises improve the turnover rate. Indeed, the real deal is to rely on professional product knowledge and necessary sales experience, they are not expert users trust website. Then we do Shanghai dragon put the website into experts, although investors understand the product knowledge and experience in sales, but must be the site to show, such as the following:

3, this is the most important, Shanghai dragon is not only a technology, but a market, it is important how to make your target customers more accurate and effective search is very suitable for your target customers. I first set for the customer the key words of "animal nutrition and health care products", seemingly has very accurate keywords, but more goals.

I had a customer in animal nutrition and health care products, this year I made him a lot of network promotion, his website traffic reached 600 times / day, the boss very happy 600 people to ask the phone every day, busy. But a month later, I found that they are a very professional company, in fact 600 to ask, the real target customers only 50 is very good. And it’s true, the average person in 600 is either half counterparts intentionally inquiry, or just ask the other, there is no purchase intention. Let me understand this, the search engine ranking to visit customers are not necessarily the target customer groups, and only the 300 time / day visits does not represent your daily number of transactions.

from the recent A5 submission, many articles about how to improve the keywords in the search engine rankings, and many owners also never pay attention to these topics, including the author. But last night I had a sleepless night, think a lot. I rarely share their case, but last night may think too much, think it is necessary to share, may be the master pointing.

therefore, as a Shanghai dragon company, has not only do rankings, any investors care about is the first you can create value for him, or to pay the income to investors and investment returns for many. Last month, I once again to visit my investors, he discusses the industry knowledge and he helped me understand their industry, because the industry professional website promotion must be combined with professional product knowledge and other knowledge.

1, hang out enterprise website home page conspicuous introduction video, this paper introduces the production capacity, qualification, awards, workshop summary, number of employees and the overall strength of the introduction, users see more trust, to inquiry.

2, set up a special page, introduces the enterprise technical engineers and general R & D team, starting a link on the home page. It can also increase the customer’s trust rate, rather than send technical articles (the user may think that you are copying)

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