The official said the small baby noble sites do not need XML Sitemaps also does not matter

we all know, when the release of a new website, preferably with a basic XML Sitemap to better search engine index. But in fact, it is no need for a small website, today John Mueller in noble baby baby Webmaster Help noble answered your doubts:


is for the station, the noble baby is fully capable of in the absence of sitemap index to the whole website. If you just want to check whether the URL address is the correct index, sitemap can certainly do this, but for small sites it is because you can make an unnecessary move, will own address input to the noble baby to search to see is included, because your site didn’t a few pages.

depends on the size of the site, you do not have a sitemap file, we will own all of the content index.

of course, if there is a sitemap file, you can view the URL address independent is properly indexed.

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