This and other differences between the extensive scold scold Shanghai Longfeng ideas need to be opti

This year, Xiamen

MADCIN conference, ZAC stressed that "Shanghai dragon ER must have a sense of risk", "in Shanghai Longfeng results show when, through the accumulation of customer resources (complete establishment of customer files and classification management), to all interested customers for different types of effective marketing measures (such as micro-blog marketing, email marketing) to consolidate he’s not easily won Shanghai Longfeng effect, effectively widening and other similar websites to rely on search engines to reduce, also can really do a good job site of Shanghai Longfeng, even realize website branding".

these days, many webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER in online love at Shanghai. But careful who can be found, the same is when love Shanghai, love Shanghai but scold webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER situation it be quite different.

of course, love Shanghai use is not shameful, Du Yuesheng said: "being used that you also have a certain value, not to mention the domestic well-known search engines love Shanghai use; more importantly, we also love Shanghai in the use of import flows, with popular words, is" win-win cooperation".

but more stationmaster, Shanghai dragon ER condemning and crying, but it shows the small and medium-sized website "Shanghai love addiction" is more and more obvious (including search engine advertising), the search engine for concussion more and more lack of "resistance" helpless. "The most expensive thing is free", again with their own painful experience that this is indeed the truth.

this "by using" is not surprising, but the key question is, we must clearly see that if we do not use the value of this "use and use" at any time may rupture. Therefore, we must strive to consolidate their website, we use love Shanghai "get into" our own sales website "permanent sales.

A5 Wyatt in marketing (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/) Tang Shijun, said: this should cause us to think about! Any industry "rely on the" extensive operation are not far away, we must constantly remind us: our relationship with our love in Shanghai are always just "borrow chicken egg" in a mutually beneficial relationship.

called love Shanghai famous Shanghai dragon ER Wang Tong is to do so, when a hot Shanghai Longfeng trend in China, by Shanghai dragon earned the "first pot of gold" Wang Tong has quietly turned to Shanghai dragon training, Taobao Shanghai Dragon – not his gold.

for example, the famous Shanghai dragon ER Wang Tong also called love Shanghai, but K was emboldened two stations he condemning still full – "I have a lot of network marketing strategy, I have (lack) customers, Shanghai (love you K my station is also not what I do not depend entirely on you)".


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