Miserable Shanghai Longfeng industry needs us to save

don’t say love now Shanghai has changed, no longer to serve as the basis, also do not have any illusions about 360, because all is a station to your future in the hope of others is an irresponsible attitude, of course, this is not to say that we do not pay attention to the external environment I just want to say, in Chinese search industry transformation, regular standing is not perfect, we want to develop their own website environment becomes stable, so as to get rid of the dependence on the flow of Shanghai love, don’t believe the development of search rankings bring us hope, because it will make love in Shanghai grasp the development of our lifeline, like Mr. Lu Songsong’s blog, not stranger, they are relying on their own audience extensive brand building, to be harsh, even the love of Shanghai They rank prisoners did not, they can still rely on its brand awareness and obtain a certain amount of traffic, and when we hold.

today’s mood is very low, because several websites in their own hands more or less have a downward trend, whether it is included, the chain number, or keywords ranking drop, sometimes feel Shanghai dragon in this industry to do enough, from graduation to now have several websites, although some of the performance is also good however, Shanghai dragon industry is becoming more and more complex and the external environment changes to let yourself go more confused in this industry between China and Vietnam, sometimes feel the youth would be lost love in Shanghai.


said the miserable Shanghai dragon industry, everyone will think of the price of cabbage, charging harsh competitive environment like the topic, it is indeed in our surrounding very seriously, and this extreme utilitarian mentality do stand also let us these practitioners become impetuous, site a month without a good performance they think of other methods of "stimulus", or what time will have a profitable future, so you use the black hat, I use the brush tool, the whole industry The atmosphere was foul. but really is, we should have the mentality of? Shanghai dragon industry is not a noble profession, but also a formal in the industry, we can not change the world with it, don’t use it to spoil the world. Not every one that is not good in Shanghai Longfeng, people around with black hat gimmick too much, you haven’t used it? So change from themselves, from today to the forum to share their timely site experience, sincere friends, let more good ideas together to condense into better to build creative, rather than a Compbrick close the country to international intercourse, since the "nuclear test", only the share of the people will have a clear benchmark, but once the goal, and there will be many people will go to do black hat

and I started to find traces of webmaster forum, rely on, looking for and I like a common experience of people, but his colleagues say that this is an escape mentality, because in the current Internet environment, we can’t change what appears, can not hope to other products, can only rely on their own, because none of us can not guarantee that it will not be the next love Shanghai.

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