How to set the title to quickly enter the top three rankings

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more than two websites, which you love more? Here we can use Chinese saying to illustrate the problem of the length of the title: less is more, more. The title is too long but to spread the weight, will eventually lead to a word of rankings do not rise. If only to do a few words, will be more competitive.

write a lot of words in their website title, leading to the title to display all, this is very influence of the user experience. What is more serious is that many sites to brand word to the end, directly lead to brand word cannot be displayed. We set up the brand of the purpose is to let customers remember our brand, next may direct customer search for our brand will enter our website, even if our site is down right, we would still have the old customers to bring traffic. But the title is too long will affect the appearance, concise title more loved by the users. We can see the following:

For example, The

want to website ranking in the top three, mainly through the combined to promote the following two aspects:

The best correlation between

as a breast site, title all show is the breast, but where the company name or site name? Even a name without website, we will not think it is a liar website? So this must cause our attention.

title is like a person’s name, although the code name just one, but we often by the name of a person to identify a person’s character, for example, a man named Zhang Hu, we may think that this man was tall and mighty, strong body. So with your own web site set the title too, we should combine their own advantages and characteristics to consider. If the title is set the confidence level is not high, then click on the possibility of customers is not much. For example below:

Shanghai dragon most want to see the thing in our website rankings, but the industry is cruel, only standing in the front of the site to get traffic and conversion. Shanghai dragon also follow the "28 principles", in the top twenty sites monopoly industry flow 80%. Key words when a website into the top twenty, then we got the admission to the top three, so in the end we should how to operate in order to make the website to get the top three gold seats? Through some of my experience to explain.

A lot of people we love The concept of

two, title words not more than 32 words.

may be a lot of Shanghai dragon do not realize that there is mutual promotion between a good headline for each keyword, to illustrate this point more clearly, I illustrate:

, a title to give customers a sense of trust.

users in Shanghai love to search the sprinkler, between several key words of the website is a relevance, such as search.

three and the title keywords.

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