How to analyze and optimize over competitors website

to view the site keywords in bold or italics, played a prominent role in favour of keyword ranking.

view the rival domain name suffix, this has little effect on the website optimization, mostly with贵族宝贝 domain,.Org domain name to do a little easier, most can do.Inf, because the.Inf domain name is cheap, a lot of garbage sites use the domain name suffix, love Shanghai more disgusted.


view the competitor’s website LOGO tags are used ALT tags, how to do not have their own plus, plus the website main keywords, and only add a keyword.

D, the domain name suffix

2, the title of the site

3, see the competitor’s website LOGO label

Analysis of

analysis as follows:

C, domain name

keyword bold or italic

4, check whether the

analysis of competitors love Shanghai, the number of Google chain, competitor analysis of the chain of time, know the competition website optimization time, I >

a, the analysis of domain name registration time, the new domain name is good than some of the old domain, if the site keywords ranking has been very stable, it will be more than difficult, a little bit of love Shanghai optimization is particularly prominent, love Shanghai more reliable old domain name, Google a little better.

1, domain name

Links view, the quality of Links, whether Links type related, Links and PR, Links snapshot etc..

The number of

when we received a website optimization Website Optimization in the project, before the first to make optimization scheme, how to optimize the planning, good cooked as saying the enemy can therefore analysis the competition website is a required course for website optimization. Today surfing to share how to analyze competitor’s website, which analysis index and how to go beyond the competitors. Have a comprehensive detailed understanding of competitors in the website optimization before.

domain name PR value high website that a long time, exchange Links time easier, PR of Shanghai ranked marketing is not love.

The Whether to use the

web page title in the largest proportion of keywords ranking factors, view the rival title page number of keywords, keywords, of course the front weight is high, ranking the more favorable. How to describe the contents of the TITLE tag and write the description in the keywords frequency.

5, see Links

domain name is included in the key components, such as the site of Shanghai Longfeng station, the domain name contains the word Shanghai dragon, it is easy to do a keyword optimization.

B, the PR domain name value

chain analysis

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