How to solve the problems during the day at night snapshot

, a website before the line outside the chain of

optimization friend, will inevitably make some mistakes, this is the problem of no ground for blame to have a friend to ask me! Today, the website snapshot of the day, at night there is no snapshot, how to solve this problem! I see the basic situation of her website, analyzes some, will soon give her a reply, actually is not a big problem, this is also a lot of new problems often met today, so in a short article written, to share with you about:

method is very simple, is to remove a symbol, as shown in figure

a penny Biesi hero thing heard too much, many powerful Shanghai dragon, in the face of the more contact website case more, understand more, and as the author of the story, they want to break the head to figure out, even if he is to love Shanghai or search. Google guide to also can not find the answer, so that this problem so I happened to be caught, then put it.

friends analysis website, and did not find what is abnormal, and her website is launched in October last year, that is to say more than master said the new articles, in terms of content, more than a year to write articles, not the original article, fell in love with the sea will also included a small part. After a year, the website is a website weight! The problem arises in the setting of robots, as shown in figure

Do in strong Before the

two, robots fileIn fact,

test, after the registration, began to send the chain, until the site is an on-line, so snapshot is updated every day, naturally we can say that the snapshot is with the chain there is a certain relationship, there are drawbacks such circumstances but would you more than the chain, you included will remain at only a page included in the.


three, Shanghai dragon also need to practice

if a novice to meet such problems, will ask the master, and the master’s answer is new Shanghai dragon, three months before what is normal, with these words of the master, then the novice will continue to update the article, there is no serious analysis the main reason.

from the picture, she knew all the search engine spiders are banned, how this may have included? For a page has been included, just like Shanghai spider knows you this station, and submit relevant information, so it is given a decision page, while the snapshot will update every day and this is just outside the chain of your release problem, that sometimes felt every day when the update is not the spiders don’t grab, will put the copy out to other forum or blog, leave the chain spider, the result is your side to side spider bait, and shut the door you love Shanghai, what a tangled

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