The golden rule website editor quality content

if we are the flow of advertising site, must also have ranking and traffic on our website from the end of text location and advertising, nor put in the text, we don’t even have no flow and ranking when you add advertisement.

body is absolutely not allowed to put advertising, advertising also includes love Shanghai Wangmeng, this phenomenon is especially serious in the medical website.

if we directly in the online collection content without.


3. pages in

this is a mandatory index, this involves the use of H1 and H2 tags, H1 tags used in the title of the article, H2 is applied to the text of the paragraph headings in it, the size of the two title bold can, other content not bold, even if we don’t we bold keywords in the content.

1. page text do not do within the chain

2. a page in addition to the title and headings of other content not bold

The color of the font

a lot of people do not be included in the content table does not contribute to the value of even causing the site to drop right, we do the content of the site right down is actually a search engine to identify your content for the garbage, when we make the contents of the first to pay attention to the following details can not be identified as search engine spam.

in an article which is absolutely not allowed the text of a plurality of colors, if the search engine will be directly identified as cheating multiple colors of our article content, because a lot of health care fraud site, single page site, collection of others and so on will form a different color.

web content is the main component of the website, whether the search engine or the user, are coming to our website content, website content is not an empty shell, the content is divided into superior and inferior quality, the content can retain users more able to attract more users, but the inferior content is a a lot of damage to the user’s browsing, the user will immediately turn off the web search engine for the poor content of the website is very serious punishment. So how to edit a high-quality content is that we must think, today to share some.

this point enterprise station especially machinery station is particularly serious, content often do a lot of keywords within the chain point to their own home, the purpose is to rapidly get keywords ranking, and did not think the links have no user clicks.

must be unified

two, do not direct acquisition

until the time that we cannot but do not meet the needs of users, such as download page if we do not give users a link in the chain, the user will jump out. The general case rarely happens.

, how do the content will not be right down

4. page content is not allowed to put ads

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