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screenshots on Wednesday November 6, 2013

, the chain, just contact Shanghai dragon industry, have many misconceptions about optimization, here to thank Shanghai Longfeng Engineer Huang Zhong A5 marketing guidance, including chain construction now more natural wave. In fact, there are many sites within the chain do not, for example: many articles, I will end with a finger on the anchor text page, now slowly lifted, and the article page without reading module, only a page and a page, in the article. I will put the key words in bold, but did not add links, just to play a role in stress.

I , the exchange of learning!The original


a soft decoration design company

from entry to now has more than two months, the company’s website has experienced revision and replacement of domain name and title, over time, set three words, one row in the front page of 5–7, another row in the second page, there is a no ranking. Now, the keyword of the website one has to row in the first page, second keywords to the home page on the third position, another not ranked keywords into the top 50. Well, nonsense not say, or share the next wave is how to do it.

in terms of content, the company has two columns need to be updated, one is the case, another is the encyclopedia, Wikipedia content update, is responsible for the writing is not good, most of them do the pseudo original, now write original articles in slowly learning, adhere to every website content two update.

finally, as a newcomer to the Shanghai dragon is also the new you a bit of advice, encounter do not, or not included, need patience analysis, conscientiously do a good job of the station, Shanghai dragon is a slow process, don’t worry. Although the website is incomplete, but she will go step by step, eat hot tofu. I hope you can bask in the station optimization examples of their common

software installed by the Chengdu www.chndeco贵族宝贝 A5 A5 first!! the webmaster exchange marketing group >

self introduction, Bobo, contact Shanghai dragon industry soon, currently in the optimization of website

in the chain, just to take over, to understand the company to replace the new domain name, and the new domain name has no record number, the basic every hair of the chain, the wave is changed in the new domain, it has continued to send the chain, beginning to keep every 3 or so, and not many, now every day to keep about 5 links. The hair of the chain platform, I also listened to the views of the QQ group, to collect high weight website, Bobo is responsible for soft decoration design website, mainly in the classified information network and the blog, according to the observation, it is because of the chain, let website ranking to the first page first.

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