Site site was suddenly drop right down right


many webmaster in site was suddenly reduced when thinking yesterday obviously feel at a loss, the website included all normal, but also ranked keywords. Today, the website weight no, ranking no, more let a person be taken by surprise is that in our website is down right after the Links are in a continuous line is removed, the original depressed world suddenly It’s raining and blowing hard..


1), no 404 page 404 page 404 page will have to query the 404 page HTTP return status code is 404, if not, then the 404 page is invalid;

2, although love Shanghai has cancelled keywords (Keywords) ranking, but don’t forget our title (Title) also contains tag target keywords, the title is in the website ranking. If the keyword density is too large, the love of Shanghai would think we are deliberately optimized. Keyword density of more than 11%, and last week density is rising, then Shanghai would love to deweight our website.

causes mass appear dead links: website, URL link reset, then the previous link will not open.


3, the chain chain: analysis of our previously published are concentrated in the same platform? Whether the single chain? Chain release platform is related to our website and the

site is down right, we have to think about what is the cause of our site is down right, a website was suddenly had a good right down to nothing more than the following:


on this point, we do not panic, we must first step by step, do Shanghai dragon is not a step? Otherwise it will backfire. Then Chen Baowen to talk about the site was suddenly drop right

2), will be included in the original dead link with the txt document sorted out, submitted to the Shanghai love.

how to do?

1), first of all is not included in the article we carry out rectification, will weaken the keywords down, the best use of related keywords to replace the large density of keywords, has included the content is not going to change;

Keywords: >

1, dead link: when we took a while others live on the site to optimize the look of love in Shanghai have included dead links to the site, since it is a dead link included, can still open so before, but now not open.

2), do not use the keywords released when the content of the website can use other keywords, such as web content increases, the keyword density is too large will be diluted.


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