Shanghai dragon industry has a bright future if you want to taste the sweetness is not so easy

Through the above


in Shanghai Longfeng industry has been three or four years, personal feeling is more difficult than a year a year. The past failures also have a success. But this year, as more and more people complain that love Shanghai why now motionless to drop right, why do I pay twice as hard than before, but did not get past the same effect? Here’s the latest on the search and see, there are a lot of people ask why to pay, but no the results are.



you may feel very depressed, the more serious to optimize but the effect is not obvious and the lazy to manage websites but love recognized by Shanghai. What is this situation? I think a lot of people are on the move in Shanghai is indeed feel love unknown.

through the above we can know that the webmaster every day to optimize your site for a long time, but have no response. Is the webmaster optimization techniques and their own shortcomings, or love cycle more and more long on site investigation in Shanghai? We look below the picture below

now you do a new no matter how hard you are not so busy old station. The old station just collected some articles can be updated over, and new ones every day even if you sit in front of the computer with a weary look to take the original articles today to fix, but there is no effect or a great question mark. The personal feeling of the old station is focused on at least one point amount of users, so he just update the article must have to click to watch some of the comments, share some additional value added. The new update content is not for users to watch and love, Shanghai currently has not really recognize whether there is a value of the article. So, the new review period has been extended. But before you see search engine boss also said that the current reproduced share as long as it can give users a good experience will not. And I will not go to pay attention to the real source of this article is to. So, this point is the privilege of seriously affected the rapid progress of the new station.

360 search engine market share is a foregone conclusion, the breakthrough of extremely low


before a report seen above, comparison of the United States of Shanghai Longfeng industry is currently the largest, accounting for >

Shanghai Longfeng better, and now is just the beginning of the early period of

The prospect of

we all know domestic search engine boss is love Shanghai, because it is so old and thus also fierce competition. Originally we thought that 360 search engines will have a great breakthrough, can now share basically maintained at around 24%~25%. Other search engines share as shown below:

The old station


station is too obvious

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