Wheat bags from the angle of analysis of revision of Shanghai Longfeng do

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, a website about wheat bags


wheat bags this revision two of the biggest changes:

The revised ?

product page link: item.mbaobao贵族宝贝/pshow-1202010501.html

brand awareness, the number of visitors and the commodity wheat bag of user experience and user behavior as the key strategy.

1, the wheat bags world ranking is more than 2 thousand, from some aspects that the wheat bags website daily views is very high.

and the quantity of goodsTo improve the

analysis: 1, channel page and two pages to two level domain name list.mbaobao贵族宝贝, also in other website content to the two level domain name, such as item.mbaobao贵族宝贝, merchandise page page for the mkt.mbaobao贵族宝贝 search page, do so for the purpose of search.mbaobao贵族宝贝 is to better analyze the user clicks which categories, each visit a category >

before the wheat bags through the Shanghai dragon, SEM, various channels, network marketing alliance website online user to a web site, users familiar with wheat bags, website profit at the same time, wheat bags brand exhibition and visibility also increased.

wheat bags can be seen, the change of operation strategy: the user from every corner of the Internet into their own website, to have the website users focus on user experience and user behavior, to improve the marketing effect.

two page link: list.mbaobao贵族宝贝/list.html? Ci=217& od=31& op=1& cid=100

2, since May this year, wheat bags began to media advertising line, increase brand exposure

product page link: item.mbaobao贵族宝贝/pshow-1205024301.html l=1f41

3, wheat bags agents to other brands, many species of

two page link: www.mbaobao贵族宝贝/c-2/


changes link

two, wheat bags revision of two local

channel link: www.mbaobao贵族宝贝/k-women/

channel link: list.mbaobao贵族宝贝/women

: before the revision link:

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