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Shanghai dragon also nearly half a year, also let me see a station for the search engine ranking is very important, the station optimization and the chain etc.. But have you ever thought about? A poor quality of the website chain more, also not ranked. A good quality of the site, dozens of the chain can maintain a good ranking. Good quality web site more search engine welcome, then the user will be more love, since the search engine is for the user to consider, then we do Shanghai dragon is also should experience the best for users? We give the user experience degree is high, the conversion rate of course is also good, the website quality, good long-term planning that can really make a stay in the user’s website.

What is the

of Shanghai Dragon

sometimes I found a very interesting thing, then do Shanghai dragon blog friends love with others as the template, even the title, keywords, description, it is almost the same, and even columns are similar, I always do not understand now how the people think, feel people do website well, you must use the same template? You thought not, you stand in the search engine is hard to get a good ranking, even you came out to pull into the sandbox for several months.

as can be imagined!

a lot of people to do a website, get some articles from others that are not in, what ranking a month when anxious, is actually very simple: you this station has been in the search engine N, not to give you the ranking is not important. A search engine feel no station, what the

a website if you only put on the front page of the target keywords, then the overall weight of the site you how to improve this time? We should not only target keywords, a site must have at least fifty percent of the traffic from search engines cannot. According to the website did not dare to say that eighty percent of the long tail theory, the flow from the long tail, or at least half of the flow from the long tail, the only way is a normal and healthy website. Like now Shanghai dragon why Cardiff only if a month on the forum, as long as the server what are normally will not have what problem. Because its website has a number of specific users.

there is a website done, one or two months did not rank well, just ask around what website. In fact, you never thought of anyone else included hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands of the chain, only one weight, ranking may have, competition may not even ranked, on the pages that you included, little experience of the low quality of the chain, do not others, also want to have your rank? Think of Shanghai dragon really so simple? You mean you do Shanghai dragon

like many enterprises station will put some news, industry news, this column, which is only in order to update the site to set this. Ask: the news in the end there is no one to see to the point? "

?The overall weight of

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