To optimize the construction of high quality links dark lag method


is undoubtedly the promotion of soft paper, general website reproduced a little more a bit of fame will keep your copyright. So the other high weight, the same you outside of the chain is not easy to be removed. In turn, many owners use mass tools in pursuit of saving time and effort to save time and energy, is one of hundreds of the chain. The search engine is purely by Internet environment, small blog sites are everywhere, and the largest mass tool is generally the "quantity", the chain suddenly increased several times, a glance glance is cheating. But in some technical means, the search engine has "learning" will determine what kind of chain will be judged as garbage outside the chain. Do not hold the speculative mentality to do outside the chain, if any little mouse gets others dozens of hundreds of articles, which brings, to others is not a serious injustice? Although it is not absolutely fair, but relatively speaking, search engines also pursue relative fairness, credibility can only be removed in order to you the chain, the search engine will not dare to the rules for a website, then cattle website, the use of group tools for the promotion will be mercilessly eliminated by outreach.

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two tools: mass culling of

chain for the emperor, it can go to the promotion? If the low correlation between the chain will still be search engine eliminate the chain, for example, I wrote about the construction site, but the site released to planting and breeding. >

The most effective way to promote the chain of

chain in the impact on the value of the site every station that can be said to be one of the most important factors to determine the value of the site. Therefore, both large and small sites have paid more attention to the value of the chain. However, in every search engine update, there are always some site outside the chain is massive removed. This light ranking transient fluctuations, while direct right to be reduced or blocked are likely. So what makes the search engine to eliminate these large-scale chain chain? Well, the only chance is deleted? The fact is not the case, it is usually because stationmaster is eager to do outside the chain and ignore the quality, caused by left injury. Thus, to grasp the high quality of the chain, in order to prevent a large number of search engines from the website chain, which can effectively enhance the website weight.

: a chain of cheating will be eliminated

chain cheating refers to the black chain, many webmaster to quickly improve the site chain weight, and not willing to exchange Links, acquisition of unilateral link. But a lot of time but get some black chain, can quickly improve website weight, but the search engine will undoubtedly to severely eliminate and reduce right. Another is the "dark chain", although sometimes also can be understood as a black chain, but the text is different dark chain can also be used to post or page hidden link. Similarly, the chain has also eliminated

three: the chain low correlation

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