To Shanghai dragon er a reminder how to prevent the chain into the trap

What is the "

chain trap"? It is popular to say the chain of hair without any effect on the ranking, the chain do not only a waste of time, but also a waste of resources. So, it is very important to avoid the trap of the chain. Here is for you to share how to prevent Shanghai dragon Er into the chain trap.

Methods: to prevent

trap (1) for a single link, send in the chain must view the source code, it may take a bit of Shanghai dragon Er code knowledge, but is actually very simple, usually nofollow tag will add before you send the anchor text of the chain like www.xxx贵族宝贝, as long as see the label, you can think this is a tag chain trap, like the other 301 jump, jump JS chain trap is so identified, Shanghai dragon Er can slowly groping.

: an independent chain is the chain trap, if you think that the chain is the more the better, then hit the wrong. If you are doing the website construction, every day to go to a fashion forum to send the forum outside the chain, then you are not in the chain trap. The chain is the significance of correlation, especially for the love Shanghai algorithm now, the chain of correlation is more.

common label chain trap: Nofollow label, label, JS label jump 301 jump etc..

The concept of

: what is the concept of label chain trap? We know that each search engine spiders to crawl the site will follow a certain agreement for some specific agreement, will follow the agreement without the spider to grab. Label the chain trap is prohibited, spiders crawl the chain using tags, so that the chain not to vote and pass the weight effect.

(2) for friends of the chain, to prevent the method is to view the source code. But friends of the chain to prevent up to more frequent check code. Now a lot of people in a chain is also bad, they hope to become your friend chain of one-way links to their will, so when you’re not paying attention to you a "rel=nofollw", so that you become one-way links them. This is very dangerous, so every day, make good use of webmaster friends of the chain is still working to query each other, and to look into each other website source code, so as to truly prevent these labels chain trap.

a trap: the tag chain trap


Shanghai is a dragon on execution and skills to realize the service work of Shanghai dragon can be said to be the same: standing outside the chain and writing station. The hair of the chain is a test of patience and skill work. But a lot of Shanghai dragon Er chain no purpose, the result will enter the "chain trap many times".

two: independent chain trap trap

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