WeChat search application is coming Shanghai dragon have a chance


has been all that Shanghai dragon has been outdated, many businesses and individuals are not willing to do Shanghai dragon, guard Yuan Kun remind search where there is Shanghai dragon, WeChat search application has set up Shanghai dragon

we have thought about Shanghai dragon is love Shanghai, then think of the Taobao Shanghai dragon, but rarely think of other platforms. However, some people have a search, a search box where there is optimization ranking, but we rarely go deep.

In fact, have a chance?

Shanghai Longfeng knowledge so much, but the real master less, less skilled application. We all love to chat content, chain, brand, user behavior, this is who all understand the truth, the key is how you think, how to use

Shanghai dragon is required to optimize the system of learning, and constantly sum up experience, the knowledge point to the extreme. Because the basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is not strong, not a good strategy, the implementation is not in place, time and other reasons, Shanghai dragon was most people give up.

WeChat search application, although do not know what a game, but the guardian yuan Kun believe WeChat marketing, WeChat Shanghai Longfeng optimization will certainly fire for a period of time, because the demand here. How do

didn’t what is wrong, wrong is that we only see a point guard, Yuan Kun believes Shanghai Longfeng many practitioners have a feeling is mainly on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, the basic knowledge is not solid. Do not say Shanghai dragon optimization real password, guide search engine optimization love Shanghai official, love Shanghai webmaster school tutorial, few friends carefully read.


Shanghai dragon has a chance? For this problem both sides say Shanghai each one sticks to his argument, the dragon has been declining, one by Shanghai dragon earned pours. The key is how to use your mind, what strategy is a real understanding of the characteristics of the platform.


> Although WeChat Shanghai dragon?

today in VIP yuan circle chat Shanghai Longfeng problem, talk to a lot of friends in Shanghai Longfeng when love spinning in a circle: they found that good website content, the content is good for Shanghai dragon; see others do the chain, the chain has said use; see other sites are copy and paste, said the family brand awareness of Shanghai dragon help.

want to play good WeChat Shanghai dragon, at least it should put the Shanghai dragon understanding of knowledge point in place, combined with the characteristic of WeChat itself: the real user habits, WeChat search to show the contents to do corresponding work.

Guardian yuan Queensland found each do a good website, must have some points to the extreme, the peers are far behind, so that newcomers did not catch up with hope.

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