A network of magical website ranking

how to use the network search hidden clip do Shanghai dragon.

recommended some good network favorites, music collection, good network angle, love Shanghai collection, QQ bookmark, 115 favorites, etc.. At present the most immediate effect of music should be collected, love Shanghai also suggested. We must follow the search engine go.


of their own website, of course, is not just a home page, and pages. Can speed up and improve the inside pages included weight, with the weight of the accumulation of our website will enhance the overall nature. On site keywords,

how to bring traffic on network favorites.

first we choose 2-3 that their good network favorites, do not need much, because we want to do good.

network favorites relative to our forum and blog for the operation, it is easier and more direct. We only need to register an account, be infinite. We need a registered account, and some forum not to send links, which shows the fast web site favorites.

and network favorites are relatively stable. Didn’t have to worry about will not be deleted. In the forum or website classification confidence chain is a time limit. Over time post will be deleted.

please indicate the original article reprinted from Shenyang Shanghai dragon, the Shanghai dragon bw.net/cat_2/32/32.html

address: 贵族宝贝

do network favorites I think is an accumulation of resources, so this is only mentioned above to increase the role of the chain website.


the role of the Internet search clip is stored in the web site, we do Shanghai dragon website optimization process, the construction of the chain is a very important link, so we can use the network favorites cleverly increase the site outside the chain, in order to improve the website ranking, so that the network favorites is helpful to Shanghai dragon.

we have to take into account the core or user demand, if we all put on their website link in the favorites, I believe that no one would want to see, and that could lead to seal off your favorites. We want to collect some everyone interested in or need to add some new sites, where appropriate to update the original article, your site with the accumulation of your favorites being recognized, more and more people see, your web traffic will naturally come up.

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