How to find the long tail keywords


2, a lot of long tail keywords ranking tomb.

2, the flow is small, the number is very high, and even most of the words have not been excavated.

for the web site keywords and target keywords, website ranking, user experience and product sales, traffic, as a search engine to a finishing touch effect on website evaluation.

3, occupies the entire site traffic ratio of about 60%-90%.

1, industry analysis

3, the market dynamic observation of

We know that

2, from the search box for the love Shanghai, love Shanghai search (the pathway was derived as the bottom layer > love camp

4., the long tail keywords competition is relatively small, easy to do in Shanghai dragon ranking.

2, users of consumer psychology

two, the long tail keywords what can be done for the

4, the latest products for users to provide customer service requirements or other sources

7, from Shanghai, love the drop-down box and relevant search, its search engine, search the long tail keywords for the use of the Internet surveillance method.


4, website industry monopoly market has played a role in paving.

four, mining long tail keywords the tools

1, the introduction of a large number of Web site traffic, with a large number of user demand.

three, how to find the site long tail keywords

flow site 90% comes mainly from the long tail keywords, and for a just contact with new friends, there are still doubts, what is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords and what are the characteristics? The following explain.

1, often is 2-3 words, phrases or even longer than normal.

, what are the characteristics of a long tail keywords

5, competitor analysis

1, Shanghai love index tool (for account) monitoring certain words of their concerns.

many people think that the long tail keywords is easy to find out, because the website main flow from the long tail keywords, and as the core keywords and target keywords website relatively, bring to the site traffic accounted for the proportion of small, far less than the long tail keywords flow is so good, but we also know that the long tail keywords is very easy to do the long tail keywords ranking, and today we need to discuss the topic is, in the new Shanghai Longfeng scheme, we how to excavate the long tail keywords, today we are going to discuss this topic.

6, from the search engine to find their own long tail keywords


5, get traffic page is usually the article page, column page, page TAG.

The basis for the site of

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