Analysis of Shanghai dragon qiongzesibian under the development direction of unrest

search engine service diversification is good for our Shanghai dragon industry, this will be a big update of Shanghai Dragon technology, will also promote the maturity of Shanghai dragon.

since the domestic search engine All flowers bloom together. Shanghai dominate, love is in the past, so Shanghai Longfeng industries will be diversified, the optimized object is more than a love of Shanghai, the future will also offer for Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, soso, Sogou, 360 different search engine optimization difficulty after all every different.

love event, "

variety of optimization techniquesSince the June Shanghai

, a search engine service diversification

review of this year’s Shanghai dragon industry, is sad unceasingly, many webmaster friends are keenly aware of the big event, Shanghai dragon industry this year is too much love, Shanghai 622 and 628 events for the webmaster friends is definitely less than 08 in the Sichuan 8 earthquake power, a large number of sites is K, and a wide drain also, in 2012 the biggest upheaval. Then the 360 search engines and love Shanghai war, also indirectly affect Shanghai Longfeng work. The big change is so, small changes every day, than in previous years the Shanghai dragon, this day is not better than the webmaster.

eleven small holiday finally ended, will start work tomorrow, but we Shanghai dragon is a special industry, you are not allowed to rest, but every day there are extra time to rest, this is its charm.


said the good old saying: E-poor change, change the pass, long general. We now refer to the Shanghai dragon industry is better, it seems, before the summary of Shanghai Longfeng experience can be described as exhausted, not to say that the predecessors summary is wrong, but for now the search engine doesn’t work, a lot of methods, techniques are no longer practical. It is time for the reform of Shanghai dragon, so the turmoil in Shanghai dragon is the future direction of what? The author summarizes several points for reference:

China Shanghai dragon industry started very slowly, the development is very fast, very few people know what is Shanghai two dragon, now the network slightly involved knows Shanghai dragon industry. Although the development of China’s Shanghai dragon industry quickly, but the single mode, we all know about love Shanghai optimization. A few foreign companies still insist on Google, but since Google out of Chinese, market share has become less and less, in general, is in love with the sea alone. Although during the search, Sogou search engine, but the Shanghai dragon industry rarely covered, this situation continued until August of this year is a turnaround, 360 launched a comprehensive search of love is Shanghai’s biggest challenge, all kinds of data show that the 360 do not fall in love with poor sea search. Love Shanghai also attaches great importance to the 360 challenges, from the love of Shanghai recently frequent updates can be seen.


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