About not that entrepreneurshipGen HTML5 what can you do to overcome the low payment rate

back in 2010, Jobs published an open letter called "T houghts onFlash", which said that HTML5 would rule Web. Such a prediction ushered in the first wave of HTML5 entrepreneurship boom. Huang Ho and Zhao Fei are in the wave of the upsurge in the establishment of Lei friends technology, mainly to do HTML5 games, then won the innovation, workshops and other institutional investment. But not long after, HTML5 went from high to low. Zhao Fei said: "Egret engine has launched five games, but the market was on hiatus." In this regard, the United States Economic Cooperation Group Investment Manager Gao Wenbo to Nandu reporter analysis: "HTML5 in the past two years, standards are not uniform, leading to the development of the entire market is not smooth."." In such an environment, coupled with the crazy growth of A PP, can be like Lei Xing Technology lucky to get financing and survive in fact not much.


so investors don’t really get used to the speed. The planned withdrawal had to be delayed or even ran aground; projects that had already invested were also facing slower performance.

joint test water

the capital market is really slowing down. There are no more exciting public stories, the number of investment and financing has fallen sharply, and one or two projects have been heard occasionally to finance, just like sporadic gunshots in the end of the battle. Investors who had been active in public view were quiet. The summer vacation seems to have started earlier this year. Always love the excitement of the media is the most lost, no more content can be written, kept the same old stuff, or borrow some certain company to market rumors slightly stimulate the public nerve.

‘s famous "technology maturity and application curve" will be divided into five stages: birth, promotion period, high expectation peak, low foam period, steady climb, bright stage and actual peak production period. And HTML5 technology in recent years in the development of the country, just in line with such a curve. Some entrepreneurs expressed optimism that the current "steady climb, bright phase", compared to the "eve of the outbreak"". HTML5 rushed light application distribution platform founder Zhao Jiuzhou even used to describe "a thousand things wait to be done".

a thousand things wait to be done

capital markets like speed, money and money. To give a simple example, the two investments are thirty million yuan, the project exit, investors income ninety million yuan, are three times the return. However, the project A only took four years to quit since the investment took place, and the project B only took two years. Obviously, B’s return on investment is much higher than that of A. In other words, A project from investment to exit time, B investors may have been two rounds, fortunately, the initial thirty million turned three times again and again, becoming two hundred and seventy million. This is just an example of speed. No one can guarantee that investment will make money, otherwise it will not be called venture capital.

is called "Xing", most entrepreneurs believe that opportune".

talent market has not cooled yet. Headhunters are also busy filling some of the funds. Recently met a few friends, who are originally entrepreneurial, but they have all pulled up the flag, became a director of the fund’s general manager.


is the pursuit of short-term goal is to make the successful enterprise

Guangzhou, a dozen people after 90 start-up team. At the beginning of last year to a HTML5 "invitation" upload to friends based on the circle, did not expect that one day the office phone was ringing off the hook, BMW, Ogilvy and other large companies have come to business. It was the biggest surprise for MAKA founder Ma Yanfei. The same surprise as Ma Yanfei, as well as a lot of entrepreneurs in the H TML5 industry.

rational and mature entrepreneurs can persuade investors to inform the other side of the consequences of blind pursuit of speed. But some entrepreneurs are under pressure to succumb to the advice of investors to achieve established sales targets at all costs. Although it is easiest to convince investors with facts, wait until the item is found to be weak and the product sold is subject to return

was praised by Jobs as "Web rule" HTML5, after several years of "high expectations peak" and "low bubble", before finally entered the user’s circle of friends". Interview with Nandu reporter was informed that entrepreneurs began to test the HTML5 industry chain, investigate its path, the game engine into the game, community and joint model is one of the clearest patterns.

"start-up nation" magazine text / left and right

or so: for several years, the company saw hundreds of, voted a dozen, quit a few. On the persistence of entrepreneurs with hard to see every day, this column.

Nandu reporter noted that from the financing situation, rushed to light application announced in January 21st by the Innovation workshop of ten million yuan A round of financing; and in the first two months, HTML5 game engine egret engine hereinafter referred to as "Egret" won the $10 million in financing millet.

and from the timing point of view, HTML5 objective factors also mature.


, but since last year, the popularity of intelligent device terminals, the hardware environment has been greatly changed

executives also want the company to grow rapidly. Who do not like speed, but they see more long-term, they are concerned about the long-term development of enterprises, should consider the pursuit of rapid growth in the cost of revenue. If the market has not developed to the stage of the outbreak, if the vicious competition resulted in the purchase of customer cost prices, if the rapid growth of the company in the operation team was not powerful enough to support customers and orders, if…… Any behavior of one-sided pursuit of financial statements of income that column of figures, all would be shajiquluan.

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