Calm down right towards positive correction recovery

first we first from the novice easy to make a mistake about places, such as: title, modification of the chain of hair too much, the chain group, the cheating replication rate is too high, too poor readability of the server is not stable, etc..

second I think many veteran will often mistakes, such as friends of the chain too much, excessive site optimization, website structure, the same site modified Dongzuoguoda etc..

Title cannot replace frequent changes even as everyone knows no related words, and especially not related to the content of the site’s words, say you do is a mobile phone title is the fridge, the chain is many novice up a hardy work in hard to do, if the chain less friends even the use of bulk software this result was found in the search engine, K will be miserable, update article, if not the original words to do high quality pseudo original, customers can at least read, is a full article, server space is a flawed, if not stable and don’t care about the money, the replacement of the host in time, do not lose a forest for a tree.

believe that many Shanghai dragon Er wake up first thing would be to observe their optimization rankings, included, the chain, if included, rankings, the chain has the promotion of course will be very pleased, poor work was not wasted. If it is found that the site was K, I think everyone would like a sunny day thunderbolt depressed.

friends of the chain of problems about some old growth, Shanghai dragon number Er to do friends chain and high PR site does not care about the site in the chain, leading to the outbound links too much, even some webmaster make mistakes, the friends of the chain as the station link, we recommend that you try to do the whole station link to friends I personally recommend the chain number about 40 is appropriate. Over optimized one example, keyword density problem, people always see the word keyword density, low density on the hard words, leading to the keyword density suddenly jumped up, in fact, the natural renewal is very good, so don’t try to pay close attention to the density of keywords, website structure: many sites is to apply the ready-made CMS directly from another collection pictures and some simple modifications on the line, lead and other site structure is similar, resulting in repeated structure, finally talk about the revision problem in many industries, the boss did not understand the network and optimization, is not the best looking straight to do a new bar, or from the new change, the it is quite common and headache, need ER and Shanghai dragon boss good communication, as far as possible by fine adjustment to the revised, a little bit to modify, try to avoid make snap. To modify the site. < >


is the major search engines are a set of mechanisms to analyze our site, according to all kinds of stations to score, but a lot of Shanghai dragon Er think my site no problem ah, included, the chain is very stable, how suddenly ranking dropped? How to explain and customers and so on? A lot of problems, here we have a drop right and how to restore the site weights of

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