From the five aspects of the site is the cause of the K

Links, black chain, chain, or the chain will cause the site to drop right or K stand. Love Shanghai algorithm is quite complex, we don’t need to spend big price to analyze how the link will be punished, for example, everyone said the black chain is easy to drop right, then we give a competitor to hang black chain, competitors will be down right? I’m afraid not. Careful, careful.


linkWhether it is

three, Shanghai



website contains two meanings: stability the stability of web space and updating the site stability. The stability of web space determines the user and search engine can efficiently access the site. General small site, 2-3 days space cannot access will appear drop right phenomenon. If the site was attacked resulting in the website is too slow or inaccessible, also belong to the space is not stable. Site stability refers to update website content, update the chain structure, volatility, volatility is too large is not stable, prone to drop right or K station. The most typical is the chain and suddenly exploded, sometimes a few days did not see growth, this belongs to the update is not stable, very easy to fall right.

includes relevant keywords drop-down box keyword search page and the bottom of the. These keywords are love Shanghai rely on their own technology statistics a popular and relevant search words, to better user experience. But a lot of people use bold crazy software to simulate the user search behavior, swiping your keywords, eventually make love Shanghai drop-down box at the bottom of the page and keyword related words are displayed as their keywords for explosive flow.

keywords love brush

another taboo is keyword stuffing, for most webmasters for better ranking, often unconsciously in the page in key words too much, not pay attention to a little more than the measure might be ruthless K off.

if your site is K or drop right, you can use the following method to analyze the reasons.

website source code

now I clearly tell you that love Shanghai once, you stand by K is discussed, are difficult to recover. Don’t take chances, if you do not believe, let those who sell software or services in the case on behalf of the brush brush once you see on your own web site, but they are not.

site structure: site site title with similar institutions, should not easily change, change the structure of the web site will cause inconvenience to love Shanghai spiders, spiders can’t very good understanding of the site so that the site is that a new station, instead of the site, is the love of Shanghai will change the results of a web site the structure of the site as a new study.

Key words: Shanghai dragon

meta label: the title is the most important site labels, is the one of the keywords ranking factors. Frequently change the title is Shanghai dragon taboo, change the title suggests that the theme of the web page is not clear, be right down is easy to understand.

, site stability.

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