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in the Shanghai dragon network money tips, introduce myself first, I care Fangyuan graduated 09 years of computer application technology, in 2006 began to study Shanghai Dragon technology, June 2009 -2010 year in June in Shenzhen, a Hongkong enterprises as J2EE development programmers and project leader positions, at the same time to provide services for the Shanghai dragon Shenzhen enterprises, enterprise performance each cooperative have macro growth, because I used the enterprise does not make money without charge, breaking more than 90% of the domestic Shanghai Longfeng grey service model, then get the majority of enterprises recognized, I feel very proud, because I can use this to help more people who need help, 2010 6 I formally resigned from the JAVA project leader position, because I said to myself, if you can use their limited time and ability to To help more people realize their dreams, to realize their ideals, not better than work? Gu Fangyuan has since officially entered the Internet marketing and enterprise marketing, has changed me! Before 2010 from the time to make money, make money now automatically, for 1 years now, although income is not much, but I used to work than the salary is more than 5 times more meaningful things is I help people to realize their own value, the Gu Fangyuan hope that through the sharing of Shanghai dragon money experience, let more people get rid of corporate slavery chips, Gu Fangyuan’s mission is to make all dreams and schemes, ambition, and willing to understand Thanksgiving for his best friend tomorrow to live, live a more relaxed, live more meaningful, more exciting.

if you read and absorb the essence of how to use the Shanghai dragon network profitable secrets, must make you terrified, the original Shanghai dragon network to make money so simple, remember to read, or you may not understand to Gu Fangyuan’s thinking, in our study, the first breath, relax. We must first understand the Shanghai dragon is simply a tool, I refer to it as a blueprint, the blueprint into what, depends on individual ability, also, by Shanghai dragon can not make money, or to see whether you understand Shanghai Longfeng ways of making money, your money making ideas directly determines you the way out of the current 99% Shanghai Dragon ER are discussing how to do the chain and friendship connection, how to optimize the website ranking and so on, but few people. Shanghai dragon on thinking of the money, I feel this is a misunderstanding, because no matter what we want, is not only the result, not all of the meaningless! Network cheap way to make money is through the Shanghai dragon network marketing combination, for the grassroots, so it is easy to bring their own good income! Fangyuan decrypt the most classic Gu Shanghai Longfeng way to make money for you, as long as you can to implement the network to achieve the easy money.

on the network by providing the first pot of gold is made from Shanghai dragon service, 09 years I began to provide part-time Shanghai dragon service, because I just graduated.

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